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Udit Narayan Regrets Not Singing Dekha Tenu Even When Makers Waited For Him For 4 Months

Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor starrer Mr. & Mrs. Mahi is slated to release on 31 May 2024 but the movie’s songs are already getting a lot of love from fans.

Dekha Tenu is also one of the most beautiful songs of the film but this one is special as it features some lines from a popular song, “Shava, shava” of the movie, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham which was originally sung by Udit Narayan.

The makers contacted Udit Narayan and asked him to recreate the song but he didn’t pay any attention and put the offer on hold for 4 months and finally, a news singer Mohd. Faiz sang the song.

Talking about this incident, Udit Narayan said, “They were going to make me sing this song, this is true. They approached me and waited for four months as well.”

He added that there was miscommunication as he was not told that the movie is produced by Karan Johar and he felt that it is some new composer who is trying to recreate the song because of which he didn’t give it much importance. He said, “I was told the song was being recreated for a Rajkummar Rao film. Galti waha hui ke jisne phone kiya, wo clear nahi kar rahe the ke same gaana jo gaaya hai, wo recreate karna hai mujhe (The gaffe happened when the person who approached me did not provide me details about the recreation). They didn’t tell me it is a Karan Johar film either. I presumed it was a newbie composer who was recreating it and I didn’t pay enough attention. I am being very honest, it is my mistake. There was confusion here and even I didn’t know but I do remember they waited for me, they wanted me to be a part of the song. If I had gotten a clear picture, I wouldn’t have done this.”

He further said, “Communication sahi nahi mila, but koi baat nahi, a new singer has sung the song and I send him my good wishes.”

Here is the song:

Udit Narayan concluded by saying, “People still want to listen to my songs, it is a proud moment for me.”

Let’s see what response the movie gets after the release!

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