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UnMath School- mentoring educators, learners, and institutions of learning, around the world!

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UnMath school which was launched in 2012 by couplepreneur Mr. Divesh Bathija and Mrs. Raashi Bathija, is adamantly committed to dispelling the perception that math is a subject that only revolves around numbers, equations, and is restricted to textbooks. UnMath School is a brand that focuses on teaching mathematics through a variety of engaging activities and workshops that their students can relate to.

Through many of its online and offline initiatives, UnMath School employs a creative strategy to help its students understand the application of mathematics around them. UnMath School has skilfully introduced and implemented its courses, obtaining an exceptional response, while conducting tours and collaborating with several schools and students across India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, UAE, and USA.

“Math is best learned by students when they approach the subject with excitement and enthusiasm,” says Divesh Bathija, co-founder of UnMath School

By creating memorable experiences for learners that they can relate to, UnMath School recreates the entire process of teaching math. Traveling and leading workshops in other nations and various regions of India has helped them in embracing cultural diversity and using it as a tool to make math instruction and comprehension more approachable and relatable for all their learners.

Raashi Bathija, the co-founder of UnMath School believes that “Teaching math from a cultural perspective results in better math learning that the kids can relate to.” A new type of mathematics learning is being developed at UnMath School from this method of instruction, with the possibility for students to connect mathematical ideas to their lives and gain a deeper conceptual understanding of them.

The team of UnMath School has been conducting their workshops and touring in numerous cities and nations, developing interesting methods for teaching math that are fun, relevant and are tailored to native cultures. In order to create an engaging learning environment for their learners, while travelling to various communities, their team explores, comprehends, connects, and immerses themselves in each local culture. For instance, in order to create various methods of learning at UnMath School that people can connect with, they map their interests, popular sports, and other factors from place to place. Such as in Nepal, UnMath School is aware of the games that kids are interested in, while in the United Arab Emirates, they are aware of the activities that kids and locals enjoy doing for fun, and teaching techniques are beautifully developed in accordance with these cultural insights.

“If learners’ interests are considered when developing math learning strategies, they are more likely to grasp and retain the information.” stated by the co-founders of UnMath School. 

For the academic year 2022–2023, UnMath School is very thrilled to launch its Math Talk sessions in the UAE. Math Talks are interactive sessions wherein the co-founder will be engaging with the students, taking them through various experiences and highlighting the importance of Math in them. These sessions are expected to be fruitful for the middle and senior students.Through various interactive activities, debates and discussions, the goal is to instill Math as a design thinking tool which will help them nurture their entrepreneurial skill, an asset required for their future careers.

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