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Today’s generation is completely motivated towards using a smartphone just for entertainment and connecting with others through social media or call.

What are you doing with your phone? Take it as a question or a warning, but the reality will never change. You might not be aware of the fact that beyond entertainment, there is a lot of stuff that can be done using a smartphone. But, here is where we are going wrong. This is where what are you doing with your phone sounds like a warning. Rest the above sentence aside, let’s discuss everything in brief.

Why Do We Need To Use Phone As A Productive Tool?

As we can see, technology is advancing at a bullet speed, and the internet has taken over the world completely. Along with that, the telecom companies have started offering more internet at a cheaper cost. As everything is favoring technology, it’s easy to say now, that what are you doing with your phone.

We consider the phone to be a productive tool because it is a handy tool that is carried by everyone, everywhere. And even the smartphone companies have started advancing the phone specifications, different apps are getting designed towards a productive approach, and many more such thing bending the arrow towards the phone as a productive tool. There is no such exception, that can be done on a computer but can’t be done on a smartphone. Even, you can run a shop using a smartphone.

What Are The Time-Consuming Things We Do On A Smartphone?

Have you ever felt like, you unnecessarily spend hours on a smartphone for no reason? Yes, right? Then have you ever observed what are you doing with your phone? These questions have a single answer that we use a smartphone just as an entertainment tool. So what are the things that consume most of the time?

• Play random games for hours or focus on a single game until it turns into an addiction. This is a common thing among youngsters.

• Have you ever experienced, visited YouTube to watch a video, and watched another 5-6 recommended videos? This happens commonly and sometimes it’s done intentionally too. Watching random stuff online consumes a lot of time.

• Spending a lot of time on multiple movies and series. This has now become a trend to binge watch some series or movies.

• Connecting to random people over social media with no cause, just to have friends. This is good but still eats your time.

• This is the most done leisure task, scrolling, scrolling, and scrolling. You will find this common to scroll feeds for no reason, just to spend the time.

• Besides all these, there is a long list of things which is done on a smartphone that consumes a lot of time.

What Things Can Turn Our Phone Into A Productive Tool?

Are you excited about fruitfully using your smartphone or still thinking about what are you doing with your phone? There is plenty of options hanging around to start monetizing or gaining knowledge through your smartphone.

• Start investing. This is an initial step that you can take with your smartphone. Investing in several fields opens several opportunities to both learn and earn. For example, invest in affiliate marketing or some online courses.

• As we mentioned above affiliate marketing, selling stuff online is now easy. There are social media platforms where we can promote products and sell online. Not only affiliate marketing, but direct selling can also be done using a smartphone.

• Start learning new things. Join different courses from multiple fields to get extra knowledge and certificate. This is a good practice to gain knowledge.

• You can opt for several freelancing side hustles like content writing, blogging, graphics designing, and much more. This is a great option to create multiple streams of earning.

• Start your online shop or shift your business online, whatever the case may be, but this can generate extra revenue from your phone.

• Moreover, not only earnings and knowledge, the smartphone can help you to develop good habits like keeping you scheduled all day, keep you healthy, and much more.

Are you now scratching your head for what are you doing with your phone? Don’t worry, it’s not too late. You can still make your smartphone a productive one by taking ideas from the above points.

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