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Yatin Varachhia built AI-based Robot Nosh that can cook 200+ dishes

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Yatin Varachhia, has created an AI-based robot for automated cooking. The device, called Nosh, can make a vast range of delicacies, including Kadai Paneer, and Butter Chicken.4

Consider returning home to the smells of freshly cooked Kadai Paneer or Butter Chicken. And the flavor is identical to that of your house. But suddenly you realize you’re on your own! So you’ve discovered that this delectable and steaming hot supper was produced by a machine?

From cooking onions till golden brown to preparing your favorite meal. This Al-Based cooking Robot Nosh can do everything. With the everyday bustle and churning of dishes, it’s time to simplify your cooking with Robot Nosh.

Nosh is an AI-based robot created for automated cooking. Yatin Varachhia, from Gujarat, created the Robot Nosh, which was developed by Euphotic Labs. He is a co-founder of the Bangalore firm that uses the gadget to urge people to eat well.

The cue then went out with his team mates to solve urban challenges by developing the Robot Nosh – an automated cooking appliance.

Yatin Varachhia moved to Bangalore in 2008 to pursue his Masters degree at the Indian Institute of Science & Technology. He struggled to find excellent cuisine during his visit. His bad eating habits and reliance on packaged foods led him to concentrate on this issue. Even after they married, he and his wife commuted between job and home. The concept of AI-based automated cooking arose from the desire to enjoy flavorful and heavenly meals.

Yatin polled around 100 people and learned that a substantial number of others were experiencing the same problem. They would be unsatisfied with takeout and packaged meals, resulting in stomach issues.

Yatin discussed his concept with Pranav Raval, Amit Gupta, and Sudeep Gupta, the co-founders of the AI-based automated cooking design, in 2016-17. They all resolved to work together to provide this product – Robot Nosh – to Indian families for authentic and mouth-watering meals. It took three years of hard work and failures, six prototypes, multiple recipe restorations, and countless customer feedbacks for the team to create a solution that would alleviate their culinary woes and offer them with refined, pleasurable cuisine.

Few people have dabbled in the hardware environment. Euphotic Labs was fortunate in receiving funding from the government of India and several investors.

Potato fry was the first food created by Robot Nosh, which was developed by Euphotic Labs near the end of 2018. Robot Nosh strives to be a premier culinary platform that provides fresh home-cooked cuisine at your convenience.

Does Robot Nosh do more than just cook your favorite meal? Yes, you read that correctly. It assists you with meal planning, ordering items from an automated grocery shop, and cooking. Three simple steps! Not only that, but Robot Nosh can track calories and personalize food to your preferences.

Robot Nosh currently has a plant in Bangalore and is accepting pre-orders. The price of each product is Rs. 50,000/-, while the price for pre-ordering is Rs. 40,000/-.

Nosh is not the first robotic setup, but it is India’s first and most popular custom-made automated cooking design. Euphotic Labs is an automated cooking design pattern that aims to make cooking and food management easier. It works on the issue of providing everyone with access to and delivery of healthy and home-cooked food.

Yatin Varachhia has received several awards for Robot Nosh.

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