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Younity: A Great Initiative Towards Making the Underprivileged Section A Little Extra-Ordinary and More Self-Dependent

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A new-aged initiative was launched recently, where their vision is to be the number one contributor to India’s vision of being self reluctant. 

Mumbai, March 02, 2022

In our country, the life of the underprivileged class is unbearably difficult. Specifically talking about India, there is a significant economic gap between the upper and lower classes. They lack access to the basic necessities for survival, that is food, clothing, and shelter.

When we talk about the issue of healthy food for the people belonging to the underprivileged class, it’s heartbreaking to realize that sometimes they go days without eating. Similarly, when it comes to clothing, they tend to have clothes that can’t be considered hygienic or wearable, by any chance to the upper or even the middle class of society. This boils down to that they can not afford a good lifestyle because there are not educated or do not have skills that will help them to earn. They are uneducated and hence ignorant, which is why they are conveniently squeezed between the political and economic wheels of our country. The underprivileged class don’t even have a proper shelter to live peacefully. They live in slums with no proper roof or basic amenities. The slums are the most pathetic part of our country that needs the most attention. To get access to food twice a day, they are compelled to beg and work in the most inhumane conditions.

These issues have been deeply rooted in our nation and to fight back against them in order to eradicate, YOUNITY, an NGO has been launched. It is a new aged initiative that is launched and its vision is to be the number one contributor to India’s vision of being self reluctant. Younity is nothing similar to other NGOs that only focus on providing food, clothing, and shelter to the poor sections. It looks beyond the materialistic things and provides all its members with long term benefits of healthcare, skills development, and employment. We focus on providing affordable healthcare facilities, skills development to gain expertise and better employment opportunities to earn a basic wage to survive.

Mission of Younity

With an aim to provide a better life for the underprivileged section and give them another chance at life. We always focus on giving them an equal opportunity to flourish in society because we believe that everybody deserves an equal chance to lead a better life with all the basic necessities.

We also aim at making India the most self-reliant country in the world by upskilling and polishing people to earn their day-to-day wages and become independent.

Our mission is set to contribute, develop, and work towards building a society where people belonging to the underprivileged section can have an easy, safe, and affordable health care system. We want to create an ecosystem where people who are willing to learn and earn can get ample amount of opportunities to upskill and fair employment shots.

Charity Begins at Home

We, at Younity, are based out of Mumbai and strongly believe that charity begins at home. We are planning to start our work in the local slums of Jogeshwari East because every day, we see their living condition and how bravely they manage to survive. With the help of this initiative, we want to empower people to tackle their day-to-day problems and improve their living conditions.

We are starting with baby steps and aim to grow up to a level where we can help people across India. We want to make them strong mentally, physically and educationally at all the possible levels of their lives, so they can get equal opportunities to flourish in society.

About Younity

Two like-minded people, Danish Malik and Preety Singh met and shared their concerns about the underprivileged class of Indian society and finally thought to join hands to start the initiative, called “Younity”. Our prime focus is on providing a healthy life to those who can’t afford even the basic necessities of life, by making them strong, self-reliant, upskilling them to grab various opportunities and lead a better life.

We, at Younity, look beyond the basics. We not only focus on providing food, clothing, and shelter, rather we look forward and beyond to provide long-term benefits to the underprivileged society by giving them affordable healthcare services and chances to enhance their skills to get equal employment opportunities.

If you wish to make society a better place for all to live, do join us in our journey. Because with YOU, we CAN. For more information, visit us here www.younity.org.in

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