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10 effective strategies for businesses to grow by marketing on tight budget

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Here are different ways for MSMEs to create an efficient marketing plan without investing any more money in order to get momentum, scale, and develop their organisation.

Reaching out to new consumers and maintaining existing customers are problems for any firm in today’s age of breakthrough technology and shifting client preferences. You are unlikely to survive, let alone flourish, unless you develop fresh ways to go beyond the present conventional marketing and advertising approaches. Several low-cost, even free, marketing options are available today to assist advertise your company and enhance profits.

Here are different ways for MSMEs to create an efficient marketing plan without investing any more money in order to get momentum, scale, and develop their organisation.

Website hyperlinks

A website is a basic requirement for each business, regardless of size or sector. Prospective clients scan the internet for their needs, and websites that direct them to their search are more likely to win the lead.

Apart from SEO optimization, businesses should contact people who have relevant material or blogs on the internet and request that the brand be featured in their content. This will boost website traffic, which may then be translated into purchases.


MSMEs and related firms might collaborate to advertise each other’s products or services. It’s a win-win situation for both firms, and it doesn’t take much time or money.

For example, if you provide consulting services to internet enterprises, you may recommend a tech consultant or firm to a customer who wants to build an online platform. Your cross-promotional partner is the suggested consultant or firm. They will, in turn, refer their clients to you for consultancy services.


Blogs and content are excellent ways to drive traffic to your website and social media sites. You might hire a freelance writer or use other services to produce blogs and articles for your website.

This is currently one of the most popular marketing methods. Although copywriting sells your product right away, content writing discusses a topic relevant to your product or service while employing traffic-generating keywords and including your website link and CTA.

Blogging, on the other hand, educates the readers, encouraging them to return regularly to check the entries on your website.


There are two sorts of networking: in-person and online. You can bring up your product or service during chats at in-person networking events or forums. Such chances, however, are not employed for direct selling.

To engage with potential clients, the firm should be active on numerous social media sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pintrest, and so on.

Affiliate and referral programmes

MSMEs may utilise referral programmes to create leads for their businesses by leveraging their customer network through recommendations and word of mouth. The incentives might take the shape of cash awards, discounts, or free products or services.

Affiliate marketing, in which a third party promotes your business and brand in exchange for a commission, is quite similar. Businesses can hire affiliate partners – sales and marketing experts and businesses — and pay them in exchange for a certain result, such as leads or sales.

Use social media to your advantage

Social media has evolved into a strong marketing tool that cannot be ignored as part of a company’s marketing plan.

MSMEs should understand which media channels have a higher concentration of their target clients and build programmes appropriately. They should grasp each platform in terms of target, traction, cost, simplicity of use, and adaptability.

You may also market to them via postings, blogs, movies, audio clips, webinars, discussion forums, polls, surveys, and so on.

Influencer advertising

Influencer marketing has become an unavoidable marketing approach with the advent of social media. Companies sell their products through bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, and other social media aficionados.

They get the same outcomes as a brand ambassador at a fraction of the price. Prominent influencers routinely provide material with strong interaction rates on their websites and social media platforms.

Depending on the product or service demand, influencer marketing can function on a local or worldwide scale.

Content created by users

Customers develop and share user generated content based on their experiences, thoughts, ideas, or comments, particularly on social media, in the form of online reviews, product photographs, and so on.

Companies that wish to produce content without paying money might encourage their existing customers and followers to write reviews, testimonials, and blogs endorsing their products and services, which new buyers can read.

Making a name for yourself

There are several strategies for increasing brand awareness and appeal, but the most are prohibitively expensive. To increase the exposure of their product in the market, brand boosters might participate in social interactions and meetings, host webinars, participate in news discussions, and so on.

Increasing brand visibility in this manner promotes the product without requiring any further expenditure.

Marketing via direct contact

This is a tried-and-true marketing method employed by small businesses and startups. Businesses should look for opportunities to meet their target audience at various events and talk about their products and services.

Many businesses opt to promote their products at industry events, conferences, and exhibits. This strategy not only promotes the brand but also sells the goods or service to potential clients. Participation in such activities promotes word-of-mouth marketing as well.

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