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Users suffer from blank timeliness as Twitter goes down

Twitter is facing yet another outage, this time due to issues with loading tweets in timelines.

Twitter appears to be experiencing a partial outage, with Twitter timelines on the website showing blank.

Although the Twitter app and services such as TweetDeck appear to be operational, website users are not seeing any tweets in their timelines whether utilising the For You or Following views.

The hashtag #TwitterDown is trending, indicating that the issue is widespread. The DownDetector website also shows a significant increase in reported Twitter outages.

At the time of writing, the official Twitter Help account has yet to recognise any known issue.

Twitter’s behaviour has been increasingly unpredictable since Elon Musk’s takeover, when he quickly fired hundreds of the company’s engineers in an attempt to reduce the company’s large losses.

The company’s communications staff is no longer available for comment on this latest disruption.

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Taushif Patel
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