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1st Company to Complete $2 Trillion Milestone – Apple

Apple and technology are like two sides of a coin. The way they are bringing the amazing new technologies in these small-sized handsets is just incomparable. Its current dominance and rise is quite puzzling for its competitors and even for us.

Both past and the recent success of Apple are based on the growth of its products. Other than their trademark iPhone, Apple has even other successful products. For instance, its iPad brought the tablets into the market. IPad boasted 46% of US market share and grabbed $5.9 revenue. It is by far the most successful tablet in the world.

Apple Inc. formerly known as Apple Computer has the next few years to expand even further, building its phone and storage empires simultaneously. But things haven’t always been good for Apple. Founded in the mid-1970s in Jobs garage with his high school pal Steve Wozniak, the company initially started out creating phone pranked tools for people aiming to avoid the high fees attached to long-distance calling. Jobs and Woz expanded into computers, creating pre-built PCs for their friends at a local Homebrew Computers Club.

His first order of business to drop costly projects and streamline the company’s focus. And he did just that with the release of the 1998 iMac. The product sold nearly 800,000 units in the first few months, signalling a major turning point for the company.

Now, with CEO Tim Cook at the helm, the company is worth $2 trillion now.

Apple also looks beyond its organization: The Company gauges what its competitors are doing and takes it one step further, says Anthony.

That’s something he firmly believes other companies need to do a better job of to succeed.


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