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7 Stunning Places in Kashmir Perfect for Instagram Photos

Taking pictures of the beauty of Kashmir is crucial when you’re planning a trip. There are countless breath-taking locations in Kashmir that are perfect for those who work as photographers or simply enjoy taking photos. eKashmirtourism is the booking provider for trips. To explore these extraordinary locations, you’ll need to have a plan.

Dal Lake - Drishti IAS

Firstly, Dal Lake is always packed with tourists. It’s a timeless masterpiece that remains popular. Picture the shikaras floating over the crystal-clear waters or the gardens adding color to the scene. Dal Lake is a serene location where the essence of Kashmir can be captured.

Shalimar Bagh, Srinagar - Entry Fee, Timings, Trip Planning -

Shalimar Bagh, a colorful Mughal garden in Srinagar, is next on the itinerary. The garden’s terraced lawns, intricate fountains and stunning flowers are all part of its history. Observe the breathtaking Chinar trees as they grow alongside the Zabarwan Range for an exceptional artistic achievement.

Gulmarg Sightseeing: Exploring the Winter Wonderland of India

 It’s essential to make a stop at Gulmarg during the snowy winter months in Kashmir. Take in the snowy landscapes, active skiers, and the impressive Apharwat Peak from the Gulmarg Gondola for an unforgettable experience.

The Beauty Of Betaab Valley

The Betaab Valley in Kashmir is renowned for its stunning backdrops, which are often overlooked by the public. It is surrounded by verdant meadows, snow-capped peaks and the Lidder River. Take a shot against the Himalayan backdrop of wildflowers, rustic bridges and pristine river for ‘Beautiful romantic’.

Pari Mahal

Srinagar’s Pari Mahal is situated on a hilltop location, offering breathtaking views of Kashmir. The terraced garden, referred to as “Abode of Fairies,” emits a stunning golden glow during sunsets. See the intricate architecture and panoramic cityscapes for enthralling views.

 Tulip Garden

Srinagar’s Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden offers stunning views during the tulip festival, making it a must-visit destination. The Zabarwan Range provides a rare and breathtaking view of the colorful tulips that you’ll want to show off to your friends.

Aru Valley

Aru Valley is a hidden gem that boasts lush meadows, pine forests, and snow-capped peaks, far from the usual bustle. Make a trip from Pahalgam to reach this remote valley and admire the picturesque views and charming wooden houses.

By visiting these Instagram-worthy destinations in Kashmir, you can not only take a photo of yourself but also leave traces of the country’s history.


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