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7 Top RealTech Companies in India in 2022

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The term RealTech refers to the various types of technology utilized in the real estate market. Find 7 top RealTech companies in India in 2022.

RealTech firms’ tactics and strategies have enabled many different types of enterprises to address problems. They have been able to assist firms of various sizes by making the greatest use of intelligence and constant hard work.

There has been an on-demand culture in the country to compel the old bricks to compete with other enterprises in the process of inventory management, supply chain, and logistics. RealTech clients are continuously looking for solutions that can build high-quality customer profiles.

Workplaces such as WOTSO, Regus, and WeWork have seen significant growth. RealTech is more concerned with the community and its connectedness. Simply a means of providing more alternatives to consumers and improving the real estate industry.

Here are 7 top RealTech companies in India in 2022

1. Best RealTech (India) Private Limited

 Since its inception, the organization has produced excellent outcomes. It is currently in operation and primarily works with the construction of all types of structures. The corporation has a well-designed website that provides all of the information such as paperwork, trademarks, and the number of directors in the company.

The firm was founded in 2007 and is registered with the Registrar of Companies in Delhi. The company’s share capital is Rs 20,000,000, and its paid-up capital is up to Rs 1,300,000.

2. Agiledge Solutions Private Limited

Agiledge Solutions provides employee transportation as well as the finest option for optimizing employee transportation organization.

It is designed with complete safety and security in mind, as well as effective administration. It also includes extensive mobile and corporate apps, as well as extensive subject expertise and industry records.

3. Property Adviser Private Limited

Property Adviser is a non-government firm that has been authorized. They link all the places that have an emotional connection with them, such as their hometown. It intends to conduct a thorough study to identify patterns in development, pricing trends, and infrastructure changes.

4. AKD India RealTech Private Limited

The firm has over 8 years of experience, is a non-government organization, and is registered at the registrar office in Delhi. It manages the real estate activities with the company’s leased property and also falls under the REAL ESTATE ACTIVITIES division.

5. AUT India RealTech Private Limited

The firm was formed in 2014 and is listed as a corporation with a restricted number of shares. The company’s authorized capital is set at Rs 5.0 lakhs.It has produced a solid consumer and sales report and has produced the most effective outcomes.

6. Atal RealTech Ltd.

Mr Vijaygopal Atal established Atal RealTech Ltd in the year 2012. The firm has provided sub-integrated contracting as well as sub-contracting services for civil and industrial construction and engineering. The services are quite competent, with the most expert type of labor and final outcomes.

7. Amanda RealTech India Private Limited

It is a private corporation that has been in operation for three years and ten months. The company’s share capital is Rs 100000, as is its paid-up capital, which is around the same amount. According to the registrar’s company, the firm is in the business activity class.


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