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Aamir Khan Shockingly Reveals He Almost Left Movies As He Was Disturbed & Unhappy

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The Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is known for his passion and love for movies and he is one of those few actors of the industry who leave no stone unturned in getting into the skin of the character. Aamir Khan is also known as Mr. Perfectionist as he loves his work a lot but there was a time when the actor wanted to quit movies because he felt that his passion for films has taken complete control of his life which is having an adverse affect on his relationships especially his relations with his kids – Junaid, Ira and Azad. 

During an event, Aamir stated, “Around 2.5 years ago, I realised I was so lost in my passion that I hadn’t given enough time to my relationships. I was disturbed and unhappy. I would have left films if not for my children. I was angry and irritated with myself.”

Aamir made a big revelation that he also went to a therapist and he advised everyone who is facing emotional issues that they should not hesitate from meeting a therapist. 

Aamir stated, “I can’t go back to the time when Junaid was 5 or Ira was 4. We need to understand what we want to do with our time. I’ve become mindful. I’ve been in therapy for 2 years. I believe we are not trained to do everything. When one is in stress or is going through emotional issues they should go to a therapist. It has helped me a lot in understanding myself better. I aspire to become a better version of myself.” 

Aamir also talked about the benefits that he got from meeting a therapist as he said, “With all my kids, I’m like a friend. I’m a friendly father. We share a strong bond and talk openly… I’m calmer. My relationship with my kids is better now.”

Aamir’s last release Laal Singh Chaddha didn’t perform well at the box-office and after that, the actor is on a break from movies as he wants to spend time with his family.


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