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Abhijeet Sawant Responds To Amit Sana’s Claim Of Questioning His Indian Idol Win

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Indian Idol is one of the most popular music reality shows of all times and it has given many talented singers to the industry every year. The first season aired in the year 2005 and Abhijeet Sawant was the winner of that season but recently the runner-up of Indian Idol 1, Amit Sana gave an interview in which he alleged that the show was rigged and Abhijeet Sawant was declared as the winner under political influence. Amit Sana also alleged that his voting lines were blocked two days before the finals and it doesn’t happen on its own.

Now Abhijeet Sawant has reacted to this matter and has called Amit Sana naïve, adding that there is no use of talking about such things almost after 19 years and instead of talking about the past, Amit should look towards the future.

Abhijeet Sawant said this to a news portal, “He is very naive. I have been to many competitions. There are several reasons why you lose a competition. It is not just one thing. He should not forget that he was the runner-up. It wasn’t like we both were the only talented boys in the show, there were several other talented people in that competition.”

Regarding Amit Sana’s allegations of his voting lines getting blocked, Abhijeet Sawant stated, “I feel, his people have conveyed such allegations to him and it can be sentimental also. It can be their own opinion also. The entire India was voting for us. How is it possible that one of us was getting votes and the other one wasn’t? Indian Idol 1 was also being monitored by the international team. I remember they used to be there on sets all the time.”

What is your take on this matter? Is there any use of talking about it after 19 years?

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