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Abhishek Banerjee Reveals How Good Actors Suffer Due To Insane Demands Of Stars

The 39 years old Abhishek Banerjee has entertained us with some of his brilliant performances in movies and web series such as Stree, Bhediya, Paatal Lok, etc., but not many people know that he has a good experience of working as a casting director as well. 

Currently he has some really good projects and this is what he said about acting in an interview, “Acting is not always about glam. It is a very spiritual journey. You have to walk alone, experience things by yourself. You keep practising. Not everybody is seeking gold, some are happy with what they have.”

When Abhishek was asked about the increasing budgets of the movie because of the fees and demands of the actors, he said “You are talking about stars, not actors. That’s completely a star thing, one can’t blame actors for that. The producers have to decide.”

He also talked about the real problem of the industry and said, “I have been casting for movies and shows for many years now. So many unnecessary demands are made by certain stars. What happens because of that is actors ko paise nahi milte. I would be told by makers ‘kam paise mein cast karo’. I don’t know if the stars know this reality or not. Sometimes good actors get peanuts for a show or a film. Star value of course gets people to the theatres and buy tickets, but at the same time, an actor also adds same value to a story, one cannot neglect that. One can’t pay a star’s bodyguard more than an actor’s daily wage.”

Good actors should be paid as per their talent, shouldn’t they?

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