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Abhishek Mishra, The Youngest Entrepreneur Of India, Delivers A Motivational Speech At Tedx Mansagar, Jaipur

On 31st Oct Tedx Mansagarlake, Jaipur had a prominent speaker on their podium, Mr Abhishek Mishra. The young entrepreneur is the CEO of million-dollar organisation-Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival, and is the youngest advisory member of CBFC.

With a mission to celebrate Indian cinema, and to carry on the legacy of DadaSaheb Phalke, Abhishek Mishra has worked hard to achieve success at a very young age. He has set himself in the league of inspirational story makers by becoming the youngest entrepreneur of India. On 31stOctober, 2021, he was invited as the speaker for TedxMansagarlake, Jaipur, Rajasthan wherein he delivered one of the most inspirational speech on recognising mindset as a biggest asset and its impact on our life.

In his speech, he spoke at length on ‘Mindset Your Biggest Asset’. According to Abhishek,” The difference is between finite and infinite outlook of a human being that leads to success or loss, and what factors are key in the latter.” He warned about the dangers of perceiving infinite outlook with a finite mindset, which hurts trust, cooperation and innovation. He has been fascinated with how leaders and organizations can change the world and continues to write on patterns of thinking, acting and communicating in the most successful ways.

Abhishek also shared that there is no such thing as a natural-born leader, as well as the importance of having empathy in leadership. He further emphasised on the importance of being a good listener wherein you not only tend to embrace patience but through adequate observation and analysis, learn more aspects towards life through others around you. He mentions that it is crucial to prioritise your own time as the time you spend on reading or rendering onto someone, should be of an equal worth. 

In its deeply moving and thought-provoking talk, he highlighted on the concept of, “The Art of Elimination” as the assertion is paramount on to which habits and the kind of people require elimination in life. Likewise, the principal of balance in terms of time management, roles implementation, etc, is the essence of a equilibrium life.

Abhishek Mishra’s life is in itself a motivational tale. A perfect example of how a hardworking kid turned millionaire with sheer belief, positive mindset and hard work. Abhishek, started his journey at a very young age by working in call centres and then assisting on Adshoots. His curiosity on Indian Cinema led him to do a thorough study on the ongoing environment of Indian Motion pictures. Because of his diligence and determination in reviving the name and work of father of Indian Cinema, Abhishek Mishra was appointed as the CEO of DPIFF (Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival) at the age of 18. Furthermore, he was included as the Jury Panel of Central Board of Film Certification, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India. Mr. Abhishek Mishra is also working tirelessly to provide a podium to the hard work of aspiring, independent, & professional movie makers so that the new era of Indian cinema gets its lost golden touch.


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