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ACC rejects Pakistan Cricket Board’s Asia Cup proposal

In a major blow for Pakistan, the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) on Monday opted to shift the Asia Cup outside of the nation after the member countries rejected the PCB’s request to host the tournament on a “hybrid model.”

Due to the possibility of player injuries in the UAE in September, Sri Lanka has emerged as a front-runner to host the six-nation competition. It will be fascinating to see if Pakistan enters the event, which is slated to take place from September 2–17, after this rejection.

Due to political tensions between the two nations, the BCCI declined to send the Indian squad to the neighboring country, forcing the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to come up with a substitute.

In case there is a change of heart, the PCB hopes that there will be another round of meetings on Tuesday. The PCB had suggested that Pakistan host their matches at home while India play its games in the UAE.

“NajamSethi, the chairman of the PCB, was in Dubai today to drum up support, but to his horror, no one was interested in his suggestion that Pakistan play its games in Karachi or Lahore and India play in the United Arab Emirates.

Sri Lanka had always sided with the BCCI, but as of late, even the Bangladesh Cricket Board appeared to be against the plan, an ACC source informed PTI. The “hybrid model” is, in principle, inappropriate, and fiscal sanctions can never be approved, according to ACC.

Additionally, hosting Pakistan’s own games is not the issue. The third team will be traveling back and forth between Dubai and a place in Pakistan if India and Pakistan are in the same group, the source continued.

The latest decision by PCB to hold Pakistan Super League games in the United Arab Emirates because the cost of security measures has increased has only served to fuel the flames.

“The broadcasters wouldn’t want to send separate units to two different nations logistically. No intercity flights are necessary in Sri Lanka, much like in the United Arab Emirates, whether you play at the Premadasa Stadium (Khettarama), the SSC, Galle, or Kandy, he said.

To make the choice official, the ACC chairman Jay Shah must call a meeting of the Executive Body. The current state of affairs makes it uncertain whether Pakistan will take part in the event or decide not to travel to India for the World Cup.

“Even the ICC won’t permit Pakistan to play its World Cup matches outside of India. Let’s wait and see what PCB decides,” the insider continued.


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