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According to the police, Pavithra was at the murder scene and beat the victim with slippers

Actor Pavithra Gowda, who is charged in the Renukaswamy murder case, recently beat up her victim using her slippers, according to a recent remand note presented by police in court and suggesting that she may have been present at the scene for some period prior to being killed herself.

In this case, actress Manjula Kurian has been named as the primary suspect, while leading Kannada film actor Darshan Thoogudeepa stands accused of initiating and carrying out the murder.

Information provided on the police remand note indicates that Pavithra herself was present at the scene of Renukaswamy’s murder.

Police authorities seized Darshan’s slipper, clothing, materials, and any documents related to him from Pavithra’s house.

Darshan and Gowda were arrested along with 15 others in relation to the Renukaswamy murder case.

Police sources reported that as part of their investigation, they are considering approaching social media giant Meta in order to retrieve data relating to messages posted by Renukaswamy on his now-deleted Instagram post.

Police claim Darshan had contact with various individuals shortly after the alleged killing, with one accuser admitting to giving an electric shock to the victim.

Dhanaraj D, also known as Raja and accused number nine in this case, is believed to have given Renukaswamy electric shocks according to police investigations. They seized an “electric shock torch” from his house.
Officials provided an update of their investigation in a remand application filed by police before the 24th Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court on Thursday, when they sought police custody of Darshan and three others as well as judicial custody for his friend Pavithra and all remaining accused.

Police sources allege that Renukaswamy, an avid admirer of Darshan’s actorry, sent vulgar texts to Pavithra which infuriated Darshan. This may have precipitated him planning and carrying out her murder.

Renukaswamy’s body was discovered near a storm-water drain near an apartment complex in Sumanahalli on June 9. He had apparently been tortured to death the previous day.

Police officials reported that male actor Dhanraj D, Vinay V and Pradosh are not cooperating with their investigation and have attempted to conceal facts from authorities.

On Thursday, the court extended police custody for four defendants up until June 22rd; all remaining individuals were placed into judicial custody.

Police have identified Pavithra as the “major cause” behind Renukaswamy’s murder, with evidence gathered by their investigation proving she instigated, conspired and took part in it.

On the basis of available evidence, Darshan was found to be involved in this crime using his money, other accused and his fanbase as accomplices, according to them.

During the investigation, accused Dhanraj provided his voluntary statement to police wherein he stated he assaulted Renukaswamy by using an “electric shock torch” to administer shocks to her victim.

Police stated: “He has refused to disclose where he obtained the device and is concealing relevant details; thus, further investigation must be undertaken,” as they stated in their report.

Police reports state that Darshan had made contact with multiple people after the crime was committed, and an inquiry must take place in his presence to ascertain his motives and motivations for doing so.

reports suggested that influential individuals had attempted to disrupt the investigation; however, police dismissed these allegations.

Darshan in his revised statement admitted to receiving Rs 40 lakh from Mohan Raj in order to escape legal actions against him and cover up conspiracy and destruction of evidence, according to police.

They reported that Rs 37.4 lakh was recovered from Darshan’s house, with another Rs 3 lakh being returned by Darshan to his wife as she had given it over to him.

Police stated that Pradosh played a leading role in the destruction of evidence, yet has withheld information to investigators. They noted he brought another individual to the crime scene who remains anonymous – meaning this individual warrants further examination by law enforcement officials.

Pradosh was also charged with throwing away the mobile phones of both Raghavendra, his victim, and himself into an unnamed drain, though all attempts at retrieval failed, according to police.

Raghavendra of Chitradurga’s residence has been found with an amount of Rs 4.40 lakh that had been stolen, along with Renukaswamy’s gold ring and chain that has been identified by Renukaswamy’s mother as belonging to Renukaswamy.

According to reports, Raghavendra, who was part of Darshan’s fan club in Chitradurga, brought Renukaswamy to a shed in R R Nagar under the pretense that Darshan wanted to meet him; there he allegedly tortured and murdered Renukaswamy before calling police officials for assistance.

Sources reported that Darshan may have collected evidence including CCTV footage that can establish his involvement during Renukaswamy’s alleged assault which ultimately caused his death, sources added.

“From the scene of the crime, a lathi, wood pieces, water bottle with bloodstains on it and material evidence including material evidence such as blood stains have been recovered along with a DVR containing CCTV footage,” according to an official.

Renukaswamy died from shock and haemorrhage as a result of multiple blunt injuries he received, sources reported.

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