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Actor Anup Soni to write crime novel as careers get affected by Covid-19

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What happens when you meet trouble in life. A sound advice would be to thank God for the trouble, face it head on and emerge as a winner by turning the trouble into something that you would eventually like.

The Covid-19 pandemic is one such issue and that too a big one that the world is facing now. Businesses have suffered a major crisis and many have lost their jobs. But still there are people in the world who have met the challenge brought by the pandemic head on.

The pandemic also seems to have had affected actor Anup Soni of Crime Patrol. He has just finished a certificate course in Crime Scene Investigation and says that he now wants to write a crime novel.
There are still others who have made a complete change in their careers thanks to the pandemic.

Manu Mahalwar, 34, had his professional path clearly planned out when he became an entrepreneur a few years ago. He’d spent a few months researching the market viability of renting out houses. He had used his funds from a prior employment to help market his new firm. Mahalwar ran a dormitory for college students and an Airbnb in Noida till March 2020. His rooms stayed full throughout the year, indicating that the business was working smoothly.

But then came the lockdown, and the property gradually began to clear out, and Mahalwar soon found himself staring at a vacant house. With nothing to do at home, he began cooking. He occasionally shared creative recipes with pals.

They, in turn, encouraged him to share them on social media.

Mahalwar’s interest in photography proved advantageous, as his food photographs became an instant hit. Soon after, sponsors approached him, and ‘homechef Manu’ rose to the status of social media influencer. He no longer intends to return to real estate, but rather to start a cloud kitchen. He’s been busy generating content for food and beverage firms, leading online courses, and learning new skills to increase the visibility of his work online.

Mahalwar, who is a happy man now, asks, “I am pursuing my hobby and getting paid too. What could be more rewarding?.”


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