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Actress Shiny Dixit : These days people confuse romance with love

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Who says Valentine’s Day is just for couples? Not Actress Shiny Dixit who adds that love can be enjoyed in various forms. She adds that love is very different from romance with love, and must be felt by our inner being. “Love is a feeling that engulfs everything around it.

I feel like Valentine’s Day can be enjoyed by everyone, whether you are single or are in a relationship. These days people confuse romance with love. I have a different opinion on this. I don’t feel that love is only about physical intimacy, I feel that love is a feeling that is absolutely pure. While romance are part of being in love with someone, I don’t think love is only about physical desires. I have met lots of people who love their partner from their soul. I mean, look at our parents, that is what love is, unconditional and everlasting,” She says.She adds, “A true lover can spend their whole life with their soulmate without expecting anything in return. I know it might sound impractical.

Ultimately, you need a good soulmate who understands you, supports you, and can simply be there with you.” However, She adds that, today, the concept of love has become very pragmatic. “With dating apps taking over our love lives, love has become all about that one swipe. I don’t think people even understand what love needs. It needs your commitment, your heart and your soul. But today, love means matching on a dating app and arranging a place to meet.

As far as marriages go, for me, both love and arranged marriages hold the same charm,” She says.Ask him how She celebrates love, and She says, “My idea of love celebrating is to go to a beautiful hill station and spend quality time with your partner in the hills. In the city, a long car ride and a beautiful dinner is all that I need. But for all those looking for a solid relationship,I would say don’t trust anyone blindly. Before going into any relationship,talk and understand your potential partner without any expectations and physical desires. And then take an informed decision.”


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