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Actress who made a superhit debut with Rishi Kapoor quit acting at 33, accusing him of ruining her

At 33, she made a breakthrough debut with Rishi Kapoor and left acting altogether citing that he had “ruined me.” She now accuses him of wrongdoing…
Kajal Kiran made her cinematic debut alongside Rishi Kapoor and retired from films at 33, in 1991. Shortly afterwards she married and settled down in Europe – having resided there ever since.

Rishi Kapoor may no longer be among us, but his films and memories remain an iconic presence for audiences worldwide. You might be amazed to find out that such was Rishi Kapoor’s star power that heroines were eager to collaborate with him! From the 80s through to the 21st century alone, over 20 actresses made their film debut alongside him (this includes Dimple Kapadia, Jaya Prada, Zeba Bakhtiar Shoma Anand Bhavana Bhatt Radhika Ranjeeta Kaur among many more), all proving huge successes during their respective careers!

Today we will tell you of a shocking incident where a new actress in Rishi Kapoor’s blockbuster film made many accusations against him and director Nasir Hussain in 1977. This tale goes back to then!

An actress who co-stars with Rishi Kapoor in films made serious accusations against him. She blamed Rishi Kapoor for her career going south, alleging that he sabotaged it. While their first film proved a box office smash hit, its success paled compared to that of Rishi.

Nasir Hussain produced the blockbuster film ‘Hum Kisi Se Kum Naheen’ with Rishi Kapoor as the most expensive actor of its time and Kajal Kiran as its star heroine – this was her debut film and became an instantaneous success at the box office, but after its release, she started looking for films to star in and was often disappointed when none were forthcoming that were considered successful or turned out flops at box offices.

After her career had suffered successive setbacks, Kajal Kiran lashed out at Rishi Kapoor for their failures. She claimed his stardom had undermined her success; and further suggested her debut film director Nasir Hussain did not promote her properly.

According to media reports, Kajal Kiran from ‘Hum Kisi Se Kum Naheen’ often blamed Rishi Kapoor for her failure in film. When this came up during an interview, Rishi himself came forward and responded by suggesting she may just be trying to find an excuse for her bad luck in films.

Rishi pointed out that Dimple Kapadia and Jaya Prada debuted with him, yet both saw tremendous success throughout their careers despite him. Therefore, Rishi could not possibly determine someone’s fate either way.

Kajal Kiran retired from movies at 33, in 1991. Shortly afterwards she got married and relocated with her new husband to Europe – where they have lived ever since.

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