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Adv. Vijayalaxmi Khopade is a practicing criminal lawyer in Maharashtra

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Adv. Vijayalaxmi Khopade is a fiery young lawyer who has been practicing law for the last ten years. She practices law at Trial court, High court, and various tribunals. She has achieved recognition in this fiercely competitive and male-dominant field in a relatively short period. She calmly handles even the most critical criminal cases.  

Marketing Minds X Times Applaud recently organized the Women Iconza Awards 2021 to recognize the achievers of 2020-21. Iconza awards have come to be the most coveted and credible awards of the country, recognizing finesse, innovation, and accomplishment in the legal field. 

Honorable Shri. Vinayak Raut Ji (Member of Parliament) graced the Awards Ceremony as Chief Guest and conferred the prestigious Iconza award to Adv. Vijayalaxmi Khopade for her contribution in the field of criminal law. 

Adv. Vijayalaxmi Khopade is also an empaneled lawyer for many nationalized banks. She has represented many under-trial prisoners and also handled many high-profile criminal cases. Criminal law is her forte, and she confidently takes the complete array of criminal law without getting intimidated by anyone or anything.Apart from handling criminal cases, she also handles matters related to civil litigation. She is an expert on constitutional issues as well.  

Adv. Vijayalaxmi Khopade is frequently invited as a panelist by various regional and national news channels like Times Now, Mirror Now, Zee 24 Taas to participate in discussions and debates related to criminal laws and other legal matters. She has always expressed her opinions fearlessly while maintaining her calm on sensitive topics on these news channels. She presents a clear picture of the laws laid down while simultaneously providing an accurate law position in such matters. Her work in the legal field is well known. 

Many reputed regional, national and international newspapers have covered her story, highlighting her contributions in legal matters. Many people read her articles and blogs. Litigation can be an expensive affair, and not everyone can afford it. There are many cases wherein innocent people are put behind bars and consequently suffer as they cannot afford legal representation. Well-known criminal lawyers charge an exorbitant fee and so are out of reach of such people. Adv. Vijayalaxmi provides quality legal representation to such people.  

Adv. Vijayalaxmi Khopade has started an initiative under the name of ”Victim protection and empowerment shelter”. Under this initiative, legal aid is provided to the ones who cannot afford legal representation. She believes that legal education is a need of the day. Therefore, under this initiative dissemination of legal education is disseminated to ignorant people of many laws that can benefit them.

Adv. Vijayalaxmi Khopade strives to give proper education to those who want to make a career in the field of law. With this in view, she also runs a mentorship program for youngsters who are keen on entering the legal profession. Students are given practical experience of litigation as a part of this program to make them industry-ready. 

Adv. Vijayalaxmi Khopade is regularly invited to give talks and deliver lectures on criminal law online by various educational institutions. She has also been a part of many webinars, guiding the students who are yearning to enter into the legal profession. 

Adv. Vijayalaxmi Khopade works with a firm conviction for providing quality legal representation and has successfully handled many high-profile cases with skill. With her outstanding efforts, she has been able to make positive changes in many people’s lives.

Vijayalaxmi has dedicated herself to fighting for justice for one and all.

For more details call us on 98239 29699

Check out Vijayalaxmi Khopade’s profile on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/vijayalaxmi-khopade-0938aa204

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