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Astrologer Parul Aghera: The Women Iconza Award Winner

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Astrology means the belief in the alignment of stars and planets affecting one’s mood, environment, and personality which also depends upon an individual’s birth.
Astrologer Parul Aghera has won many awards.

Astrologers predict people’s personal lives, describe their personalities, and advise them by seeing the positions of astronomical bodies. In India, people prefer talking to astrologers before starting any work. Astrology done by any astrologer makes people feel better and they do their work with great confidence within them.

In the ample and intense sectors of astrology and natural and psychic healing, famous Astrologer Parul Aghera is the most renowned and award-winning astrologer.

She can be approached easily and gives an instant solution to any of your problems. Her experience in this field gives immense satisfaction to her clients. Astrologer Parul Aghera has won many awards. She was also awarded the women iconza award for the category, “The Unstoppable Women” which was felicitated by MP Vinayak Rahut on 2nd March 2020. Event was organised by Times Applaud & Marketing Mind

Astrologer Parul Aghera understands well about her client’s situations, and helps them cope up with them. She helps her clients in resolving matters related to health, relationships, money, education, career, property, traveling, etc.

Astrologer Parul Aghera says, “According to Astrology, there is a certain time when all the planets congregate which is known as Gochar in the astrological language. Here, the word go means sky, and char means a person who leads the world.” Such persons can see the planet and its good and bad results and help individuals to overcome them. Also, according to her, “Janam Lagana aadhar gochar means that every planet horoscope is seen by the creator of the world.

Astrologer Parul Aghera mentioned two important houses according to one’s horoscope. The important house in the first chart reveals whether the outcome of something will be good or bad for the person. For the health horoscope chart, the important houses are the 6th, 8th and 12th house in which the 6th house predicts health-related issues, the 8th house is known as the house of death, which also deals with anxiety, accident, surgery, suicide, and danger and the 12th house depicts hospitalization, loss of money, loss of a spouse or the end of a marriage.

Lately, the uncertainty of COVID-19 has made people seek help from astrology related to their careers, money matters, relationships, etc. Astrologer Parul Aghera says that as the world is suffering from a pandemic called “Covid-19”, the effect it has on an individual will depend upon the changes in their planet horoscope. As the horoscope also mentions the date and the good and bad period in an individual’s life, Astrologer Parul Aghera’s team also informs their clients about what precautions can be taken in this bad phase which will minimize its effects.

Astrologer ends her words by saying, “The planet horoscope is decided with the planet of gochar and the good or bad timings of a person are forecast in their horoscope accordingly.


Therefore, people feel better by reading and following the advice of Astrologer Parul Aghera. Through astrology, you can figure out the possible hurdles which lie ahead and the best time to achieve your determined goals. Astrologer Parul Aghera also helps her clients in determining their strengths, weaknesses, talents and helps us overcome any of the fear related to an individual’s life situations.

The astrologer also helps us in clearing negativity around us and adapts a positive environment and nature to deal with any situations. Astrologer Parul Aghera also helps her clients in moving ahead with changing times and transforms them into better people.

You can consult her by attending her at the mentioned address below:
Lady Astrologer, B3, Jaywant Society, Near Grand Imperial Hall, Four Bungalows, Andheri (W). OR Can contact her directly at 9004971916.

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