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After Twitter FB-Insta announce verification badge charges

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Following Twitter, the firm has introduced charges for Facebook and Instagram. Yet, there is no need to disturb the general public because this fee will be collected from individuals who wish to have their account validated. This service will be available in India soon.

Meta Verified is now available. This information was provided by Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, in a blog post. This is the company’s subscription plan, for which Mark Zuckerberg has stated that customers will be charged roughly Rs 1,000 each month. This fee will be levied against Facebook and Instagram.

Yet, many people are now wondering whether or not operating Facebook or Instagram will no longer be free. If it remains free, what payment is always being discussed? All of your inquiries will be answered here.

You may recall that Twitter just unveiled Blue Subscription. By taking leadership, consumers might have access to extra perks.

The most significant advantage is having a blue tick or confirmed badge next to the name. Many individuals consider it a status symbol. Businesses are now taking advantage of the same.

Only famous persons were previously given blue ticks on Facebook-Instagram or Twitter. This demonstrates that the account is correct. Nevertheless, when modifying this, Musk stated that individuals who subscribe to the company’s subscription plan will receive a blue tick.

Meta has now revealed a similar strategy. Users can obtain a blue tick by spending money. They will, however, be required to display their government-issued ID card. It is presently available in Australia and New Zealand.

The firm charges roughly Rs 1,000 for this service. According to the corporation, this will aid in the battle against bogus accounts. Upon payment and verification of the ID card, a blue tick will show in front of the user’s name. This makes it easier for others to recognise the genuine account. It will be released in India in the near future.

Paid service has not yet arrived in India, although it is expected to arrive within the next several weeks. Even after the debut of the verified premium service, you will still be able to use Facebook and Instagram for free. Only the Blue Badge may be obtained by paying a fee.

Even if you do not pay any fees, these social media networks will continue to be available to you for free. Nonetheless, it is expected that the corporation may release more services for charge-paying or paid customers in the near future, or may place limits on unpaid users’ usage of specific functions. This will be revealed in due course, but for the time being, you will be able to use Facebook and Instagram for free.

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