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Mom earns Rs 5 lac/mth via organic skincare brand that helped baby avoid rashes

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Aishwarya Ravi joined hands with her close friend to launch Nature’s Destiny in 2015. The organic skincare brand now gets more than 500 orders every month.

Aishwarya Ravi’s baby suffered skin rashes after using over-the-counter goods including shampoos and soaps in 2015.

Despite the fact that the creams were intended for newborn newborns, her daughter’s skin was reacting poorly to them.

Aishwarya Ravi, who is 29-year-old and lives in Bengaluru, says she took her child to  a paediatrician after seeing the baby’s skin develop hot red rashes. The paediatrician asked Aishwarya not to use any products on her child.

Aishwarya’s daughter, who is now six years old,  was diagnosed with a sensitivity to branded products. Doctors suspected that one of the compounds in the mixture had triggered the reaction on her skin. The concerned mother resorted to time-honored rituals that had been passed down via her family. Some of them included utilising besan flour mixed with herbs as a face wash or a hair wash made of flowers and oils.

Aishwarya states, “With the help of my mother and grandma, I began creating various powders in my kitchen utilising organic raw materials such as cold-pressed oils, besan flour, egg whites, and other ingredients. Surprisingly, the oils had a slight soapy effect and left my skin quite supple. So, after a few days, I tried it on my infant and discovered that it had no negative affects on her.”

Aishwarya put the finished soaps on her skin to see how they performed. After a few months, she wanted to try her hand at producing items for the adults in her household, such as shampoos and conditioners. She began by reading blogs and research papers on the internet before enrolling in a skincare production course. This not only helped her comprehend how items are made, but also how substances interact with one another.

Aishwarya Ravi calls this the turning point and says she started producing shampoos, conditioners, and moisturisers at home and giving them to close friends and family members for feedback. The answer was usually good, and it was always followed by a request for more. This inspired Aishwarya to begin selling the items on a modest scale.  

Aishwarya Ravi claims all of her products were suitable for both children and adults.

She launched a Facebook page called Nature’s Destiny with her close friend Haarini Sukumaranand and began advertising her crafts.

Initially, only bar soaps and liquid soaps were included. Aishwarya would create the products and package them, while Haarini would sell and ship them to clients. By 2018, the pair had received a significant amount of orders and had employed four people to assist them with the manufacturing process. They now sell 65 different products, such as shampoo and conditioner bars, etc. .

The brand, which is bought by 750 people, helps Aishwarya get  up to 500 orders each month and earn more than Rs 5 lakh every month.

Aishwarya’s child continues to use exclusively organic products, with the juicy cherry shampoo bar being her favourite because it smells delicious and looks colourful.

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