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Abhishek Tapadia – Torque of the Town

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The art of building can only be realised if you build things from scratch. A wise man once said, making things from scratch does not just require skills, but it also requires a lot of determination and willpower.

Mr Abhishek Tapadia is a man who has a huge builder ship background but he still decided to join the automobile industry. Cars and bikes have always fascinated him since his college time. He has always been into automobiles and it has been like a passion for him. He had the business plan of starting his own pre-owned superbikes and supercars showroom. He started it and made it work. This gave him the opportunity to work with various big brands and big names like Yash Raj Films. 

In his garage, you can see all the super luxurious cars like Aston Martin, Porsche, Maserati, Mercedes, Bmw, Audi, Volvo and many more. 

But it is rightly said, you can follow your passion but you can never ignore your responsibilities. He also worked for his family business and he constructed huge malls, residential projects and also worked for various commercial avenues. At the moment he is currently working on a mall project in Amaravati which is about to be completed soon. It has been awarded as the best upcoming Mall of India by the Shopping Centres Association of India. 

Abhishek belongs to one of the most well-known and wealthiest families of Maharashtra but still his story tells us that one should always start from scratch and build themselves. He is an inspiration to the youth as he started his E-Rides showroom with a 300 sqft shop and slowly expanded it. His great determination and hard-working nature tells us that no matter how much money you can have, you should always work for your passion but should never ignore your responsibilities. He could have easily let go of his family business and follow his passion, but he decided to follow his passion from ground zero and decided to build it big.

With all of this, soon his showroom will turn into an automobile mall if he keeps working hard. This is the game plan for the next couple of years that he aims to achieve. We wish him all the very best. More and more people should move towards the path of hard work and determination and be like him.


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