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Alia Bhatt’s deepfake video goes viral again and fans believe AI to be becoming dangerous.

Alia Bhatt’s deepfake video has recently gone viral online, prompting fans to express their concerns regarding AI-generated videos and images. [short] For all its worth, fans have expressed their displeasure over this trend of AI-generated media content being produced without human oversight or approval.

Essentially, when Alia Bhatt posted her deepfake video it went viral; hence fans expressed their concerns over its appearance online and fans have raised these same issues as well as expressed discontent over it as well. [short]. In short: Alia Bhatt’s deepfake video went viral; fans shared their concerns over this trend by showing up against its creator, while fans raised similar ones about its creator, as well as her deepfake video also went viral causing much debate online regarding its authenticity or lack thereof, and have voiced these same concerns over it going viral as fans voiced similar ones concerning such AI generated videos or pictures created without approval.

On Twitter, many fans shared their frustration over such AI-generated videos going viral. In short: Alia Bhatt’s deepfake video went viral, raising concerns among many viewers expressing concerns over the growing trend of AI-generating videos/pics being created without approval/knowing who created it by being unaware that fans..

Recently, several actors have fallen prey to deepfake videos. Alia Bhatt’s fans were shocked and worried when an AI-generated video of her appeared online; in it, she appeared to join the Get Ready With Me trend. The post by Sameeksha Avtr on Instagram already garnered over 17 Million views!

Instagram user Alix wrote in her bio “All videos created using AI for entertainment purposes only.”
Alia Bhatt’s fans quickly voiced their displeasure with AI after seeing her deepfake clip go viral, raising concerns over its use. One fan wrote “AI is getting dangerous day by day”, and another added, “Feeling bad for those who think it’s real”. A third user expressed similar sentiments by writing, “I’m getting scared of AI now.

Deepfake videos of Alia have made waves online before; in May of this year, one surfaced showing her face altered to mimic actress Wamiqa Gabbi’s figure.

On May 7, Alia Bhatt dazzled Met Gala attendees in New York in a Sabyasachi saree designed by Sabyasachi himself, while another video featuring her wearing a red saree received much attention on social media from accounts such as Unifixface’s Instagram account and shared from this video showing Bhatt posing for what looked like a photo shoot.

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