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All you need to know about Google’s ChatGPT Killer AI ‘Sparrow’

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DeepMind’s AI chatbot ‘Sparrow’ has been branded the “grown-up” version of ChatGPT. The chatbot is built on the lab’s Chinchilla language model.

Only a few weeks after Open AI unveiled ChatGPT, it was dubbed a Google killer. The excitement was so intense that Google declared ‘Code Red.’ The terror appeared real, even as doubters dismissed the charges and pandits pulled up their sleeves to dump the social media behemoth into the graveyard where Netscape Navigator and other abandoned legacy internet services remain haunted by their own fate.

Beyond the media circus and memes, Google was preparing.  Its in-house AI lab, ‘DeepMind,’ is one of the leading laboratories in producing the most sophisticated artificial intelligence technology ever. So far, the search engine behemoth has kept a low profile, apparently savouring the attention.

According to sources, DeepMind may soon unveil ‘Sparrow’ to compete with ChatGPT’s growing popularity, after news of its connection with Microsoft’s Bing. Welcome to the AI Armageddon, my buddy, when the last of us will be causality.It has already been labelled the “adulterated” version of ChatGPT.

It is unquestionably an improvement, since it would additionally backlink its source of information for more validity. But aren’t these functionalities already being worked out in the forthcoming edition of ChatGPT and by other tiny AI startups?

So, what do we know so far about ChatGPT’s alleged competitor, Sparrow? DeepMind, a British artificial intelligence lab founded in 2010, was bought by Google in 2014.

Among the several technologies developed by the lab, AlphaFold has received the most attention for fundamentally altering the way protein folding is based, so redefining molecular biology as we know it. DeepMind technology is employed in a variety of fields, including sports and archaeology.

Sparrow is slowly gaining traction with the emergence of AI chatbots. DeepMind’s AI chatbot is built on the Chinchilla language model created by the lab. It is already thought to be the least biassed machine learning system.

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