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Aloo Matar to Matar Paneer: 5 popular Indian recipes using Superfood Peas

Peas, called ‘matar’ in India, are overlooked as superfoods.Do not overlook these tiny greengems’ nutritional value. For heart health and digestion, peas are a great complement to any diet. Five compelling reasons to eat peas.

Rich source of plant-based protein:

Peas are small but high in protein for vegetarians and vegans. Peas include 8 grams of protein and numerous essential amino acids for muscle repair and growth per cup.

High in fibre:

Fiber-rich peas reduce constipation. Fiber helps you maintain a healthy weight by regulating blood sugar and filling you up. Eat peas to get enough of this vitamin.

Rich in vitamins and minerals

Peas are rich in vitamin K, C, manganese, and folate. Vitamin K strengthens bones and blood clotting, while vitamin C increases immunity and collagen production as an antioxidant. Manganese aids energy consumption, and folate aids cell division and DNA synthesis.

Ideal for the heart:

Pea flavonoids protect the heart. These substances reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, which pose heart disease risks. Due to their high fiber content, peas lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health.

Manages weight:

Protein, fiber, and low calories make peas a good weight loss food. Protein and fiber in peas reduce appetite and hunger, regulating calorie intake. Their natural sweetness can satisfy sweet cravings without harming your diet.

Top 5 Indian recipes using Peas

Peas are a staple in Indian cookery. These 5 popular meals show their versatility:

  • Matar Paneer: Rich tomato sauce with soft paneer cubes and bright green peas is a favorite. Its creamy texture and pea sweetness make it classic.
  • Aloo Matar: A spicy tomato sauce with potatoes and peas, is simple but soothing. It complements weeknight rice or roti.
  • Methi Matar Malai: Fenugreek leaves improve it. Fenugreek offers bitter-sweet flavor, while cream provides elegance.
  • Matar Pulao: Pea-filled rice improves a basic supper. Peas add color and texture, while cloves and cardamom add depth.
  • Palak Matar: Bright spinach gravy covers peas. Earthy spinach and sweet peas make this vitamin- and iron-rich dish.

Peas are a nutritious powerhouse that shouldn’t be neglected. High protein and heart-protective properties make these tiny green jewels beneficial to all diets. Peas are tasty, versatile, and healthful, so incorporate them in your diet. Try Indian food, where peas (matar) appear in many delectable dishes!


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