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Altair’s CEO joins tech startup Xscape Photonics’ board with $10M investment

100 Altair, a US-based AI business, led early funding for Xscape Photonics with a $10 million investment. As part of the investment, Altair’s founder and CEO, James R. Scapa, will be appointed to the startup’s board of directors.

Altair, a computational science and artificial intelligence (AI) firm, has invested $10 million in Xscape Photonics, a business that has created patented photonic chip technology for ultrahigh-bandwidth connections within data centres and high-performance computing (HPC) systems.

Xscape claims to have created a platform that uses photonics to connect multiple computer parts in an ecologically beneficial manner.

According to Xscape, the usage of photonics reduces power consumption and heat output while enhancing the speed and power of communications. Xscape Photonics is led by Columbia University professors and world-leading photonic researchers, including professors Alexander Gaeta, Keren Bergman, and Michal Lipson, as well as Yoshi Okawachi, a Columbia University research scientist, and Vivek Raghunathan, a senior principal engineer who led Intel’s First SiPh Product Ramp.

Gaeta noted, “We are excited to be redesigning the future of computing by developing the most energy-efficient, high-bandwidth, and high-performance photonics technology that can expand sustainably while addressing future demands.”

Altair’s founder and CEO, James R. Scapa, will be named to the startup’s board of directors as part of the investment, and Altair will also be nominated to the board of observers.

Scapa added, “This investment and partnership with some of the world’s top photonics developers will allow us to continue at the forefront of such high-fidelity and sophisticated technologies, helping our clients solve their challenges more effectively as they turn to the next generation of technology.”

Photonics also offers considerable potential for high-speed data transport, which is important for software that aids simulation, HPC, AI, and machine learning, according to the business.

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