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Amazing journey of Mohnish Pabrai from software engineer to value investor

This article will provide an overview of Mohnish Pabrai, a software engineer turned value investor, who has made a name for himself in the world of finance. He is known for his investment philosophy, which is heavily influenced by Warren Buffett and his focus on buying undervalued companies with long-term potential. This article will delve into Pabrai’s background, investment approach, and his notable achievements in the world of finance.

Mohnish Pabrai, one of the most successful value investors of his generation, regards Warren Buffet as his investment mentor. He successfully invested in the stock market using Buffet’s value investment concept. From its beginning in 2000, his long-only equities portfolio has returned 517 percent, compared to 43 percent for the S&P 500. Mohnish, on the other hand, is a late bloomer in comparison to Warren Buffet. He had never heard of Buffet till he was 30 years old.

Pabrai was raised in Mumbai. He moved to the United States to study computer engineering. Pabrai follows Warren Buffet’s value investing philosophy as an investor. He once paid USD 650,000 for lunch with Buffet.

Pabris is a world-class value investor who adheres to Warren Buffet’s basics of value investing. Pabrai Investment presently handles $500 million in investor funds. With a current net worth of more than USD 100 million, he gives back to society through the Dakshana Foundation, which he formed to assist India’s underprivileged.

In his book Dandho Investor, he highlighted that a combination of low risk and high uncertainty is unique since the two factors move in different directions. Pabrai proposed that investors think like entrepreneurs who seek low-risk, high-return business prospects. Investing in well-established enterprises with a well-defined business plan, he believes, provides a long-term return.

Rather of developing a strategy, Pabrai advises investors to follow in the footsteps of another great investor. He emphasises the need of being patient and letting the market function. As an investor, he seeks for equities with low P/E ratios and large yields, which are often unfavourable.

Pabrai is the author of numerous books on value investing. The most famous is Dhando Investor, in which he explains his value investing algorithms. On his website Chai with Pabrai, he also offers his financial ideas.

He, like many other value investors, is influenced by Warren Buffet’s investment ideas and follows in his footsteps in picking firms with excellent foundations for investment.

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