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Apple not to upgrade app using ChatGPT tech

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ChatGPT has introduced its API version. Businesses will be able to incorporate this AI-based chatbot technology into their platforms with its assistance. But, Apple has rejected the upgrade of an app that uses Open AI’s GPT-3 technology. Let us investigate why Apple has stopped the upgrade.

ChatGPT is growing more popular. This AI-powered chatbot is being used by a big number of individuals all around the world. Some individuals use it to aid them with their homework, while others use it to write books. ChatGPT has assisted in the creation of hundreds of books. Others are also preparing apps with its support.

Several applications will include an inbuilt GPT-3 model, but will these apps be available on the App Store? Actually, this question arose as a result of Apple’s decision to prohibit a programme that employed a modified version of the GPT-3 language model.

According to Blix co-founder Ben Volach, Apple has prevented him from upgrading Blue Mail, an email programme that employs a modified version of Open AI’s GPT-3 language module.

The corporation had requested that the app’s edge rating be raised to 17 or higher. According to Blix, a similar function may be found in many other applications, but there is no age limit. In this scenario, Apple has said that developers have the option to appeal the refusal.

They can appeal this judgement through the Apple Review Board. The IT sector has taken notice of Open AI’s ChatGPT. Microsoft has poured billions of dollars into this venture. Google also debuted their AI chatbot. Its name is Bard, but there is no word on how long it will be available to the general public.

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