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Apple Watch helps save trail runner’s life after fall

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Apple Watch helped save the life of a man who was running on a trail.  Robert Naess, who was wearing an Apple Watch at the time, called 911 and received assistance within 15 minutes.

After a trail runner fell while out for a run, Apple Watch assisted in saving his life. After Robert Naess lost his balance during trail running, the smartwatch dialed 911.

According to AppleInsider, Naess made the decision to go for a trail run after a holiday. Even though 59-year-old Naess enjoyed running and had done the course frequently, he stumbled at one turn.

The report said, “The skid had Naess fall chest-first against the edge of a wall, before falling on the floor.

Robert’s several ribs were broken, and one of his lungs also fell out as a result of the tragedy. He was in excruciating agony and was having problems breathing, so he was unable to reach for his iPhone to call an emergency.

He was, however, sporting an Apple Watch and using AirPods to consume podcasts. He didn’t wait for Fall Detection to kick in; he made the call to the emergency services himself.

He received assistance in approximately 15 minutes and was brought right away to the hospital.

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Over time, Apple Watch has won praise for both saving lives and helping wearers in challenging situations.

A guy claimed last month that the fall detection feature on his Apple Watch had called for help and his wife, saving his life.

His Apple Watch Series 8 alerted emergency personnel and his wife as soon as it detected that he had fallen from a ladder and had struck his head.

In February of this year, an Apple Watch alerted the user about a racing pulse after a slumber, which resulted in the diagnosis of significant internal bleeding, ultimately saving the wearer’s life.

In January, Apple Watch also helped to save the life of a woman who had a  heart blockage.

In October, last year, the device identified rare cancer in a 12-year-old girl.


Apple Watch is recognized for saving lives and helping people in difficult situations. Trail runner Robert Naess recently fell while running. Naess used his Apple Watch and AirPods to phone 911. His Apple Watch’s fall detection saved his life. In February, an Apple Watch informed a customer about a racing pulse after a sleep, detecting major internal bleeding and saved his life.

Apple Watch is useful to save lives in difficult conditions. A woman’s heart blockage was identified in January, while a 12-year-old girl was diagnosed with a rare cancer in October.

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