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Are we in danger from an asteroid as tall as the Eiffel Tower? NASA Warns

The speed at which a gigantic space asteroid is approaching Earth is mind-boggling! On April 26, the enormous asteroid 2006 HV5 will pass uncomfortably near to Earth, according to NASA. Near-Earth asteroids are asteroids that circle the Sun and pass quite close to the Earth’s orbit, according to NASA. Depending on their size, these asteroids have the potential to do significant damage if they strike our planet.

Space organisations like NASA and ESA closely monitor any Potentially Hazardous Objects to prevent any collisions and damage. The most recent is an asteroid the size of the Eiffel Tower that is hurtling towards Earth. Do you need to worry? Understand what NASA stated.

The Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies at NASA has given the asteroid the designation Asteroid 2006 HV5. NASA’s CNEOS data showed that asteroid 2006 HV5 would approach Earth on April 26 at a distance of 1.5 million miles. As a matter of fact, it is currently racing towards Earth at a speed of 62723 km per hour.

The asteroid is surprising because of its enormous size. According to NASA, Asteroid 2006 HV5 is approximately 1007 feet tall, which is similar to the height of the Eiffel Tower, which is 1083 feet tall. The Aten group of asteroids includes 2006 HV5 as one of its members.

Does it pose a risk to Earth? Yes! Based on specific criteria, the space agency determines what constitutes a potentially dangerous asteroid. According to NASA’s JPL, asteroids that can reach the Earth within 4.6 million miles and are larger than 150 metres are classified as potentially dangerous objects. As a result, 2006 HV5 has been classified as a potentially dangerous object.

Without the aid of cutting-edge equipment, it can be challenging to follow these asteroids. The NEO Observations Programme, which is charged with locating, tracking, and characterising NEOs and identifying those that may represent a threat to Earth, was formed by NASA to detect the threat. One of the well-known telescopes used to look for asteroids that could threaten Earth is NASA’s NEOWISE.


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