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ARIO & Times Applaud Announces 2022 National Educational Excellence Awards

The May 22, 2022, ARIO National Educational Excellence Awards ceremony, which honoured numerous reputable educators across the nation, became a historical occasion. The event’s main guest was Jaswinder Gardner, a Bollywood actor, celebrity designer, businessperson, social activist, and humanitarian. Neha R. Banerjee, Director of the ARIO Group of Companies, planned and oversaw the award ceremony.

The ARIO National Educational Excellence Awards 2022 were attended by some of the most illustrious figures in the field of education, including Deepak Sharma, Director, CPS and Rockwood Group of Schools, Amrit Nagpal, Head of Department of Pre-School and ECCD At Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd, Geetika Bahuguna, COO, Millenium Group of Schools, Monika Kapoor, Former Joint Director, CBSE, Tijay Gupta

Education has frequently been cited as one of the most crucial components of contemporary society, according to Neha R. Banerjee, Director at ARIO Group of Companies, when discussing the relevance of the award event. Teachers, educationalists, and anybody else seeking to teach a young person something are the pillars on which our educational system is constructed. India is now acknowledged by everyone in the globe as a centre for top-notch education and learning. Students from all over the world are enroling in Indian colleges because they can distinguish between the educational systems in our nation and those in other countries. The least one can do is acknowledge the help of those who made this possible.

Awards were presented to educators at the ARIO National Educational Excellence Awards 2022, including teachers, principals, educational leaders, and educational entrepreneurs. Directors, Owners, and Proprietors of reputable schools and universities around India were also recognised. Neha R. Banerjee calls educators “unsung heroes,” and she emphasises how important it is to recognise individuals who help mould young people’s brains and make significant contributions to the expansion and improvement of our society.

The CEO of ARIO, Dr. Sumit, expands on this by saying, “We frequently honour students for their success in both academics and extracurricular activities. Rewarding them is crucial because they require motivation to advance in their academic and professional endeavours. But we must also honour those who devote their entire life to guiding young people in the right direction and teaching them. Our feeble attempt to honour these genuine super-heroes is the ARIO National Educational Excellence Awards. I hope other organisations come forward to recognise them.

There were many attendees, making the ARIO National Educational Excellence Awards 2022 a resounding success. The ARIO Group of Companies has been trying to bring about cutting-edge educational techniques that benefit both students and educators for a number of years. In order to make sure that everyone has access to high-quality education, they have been working closely with those in this field consistently.

At Sophia College, Breach Candy, and Mumbai’s Sophia Bhabha Auditorium, the ARIO National Educational Excellence Awards 2022 were presented. ARIO Educational Recruitment Services, the educational division of ARIO Group of Companies, organised the event. Times Applaud served as the award ceremony’s media partners, but Super Gifts, Hindustan Pencils, and Sky Events also provided financial support.


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