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Meet Arpit Dhupar who built Chakr Shield an eco-friendly machine that traps air pollutants to paints walls

The air pollution in India is getting worse day by day. Arpit Dhupar has developed an eco-friendly machine called ‘Chakr Shield’ that paints walls with the help of carbon emissions.

The country’s air pollution is reaching worrisome proportions. Millions of individuals are afflicted by ailments induced by air pollution. Breathing difficulties are becoming more widespread. To combat air pollution, Arpit Dhupar created “Chakr Shield,” an eco-friendly device that captures particulate matter emissions and uses it as ink to paint walls. The method is environmentally benign and beneficial to people’s health in Delhi and other dirty locations.

Arpit Dhupar graduated as a mechanical engineer in 2014. He has always been interested in assisting others and developing innovative technology. During his college years, he invented a machine that increased rice yield by 25% while decreasing urea consumption by 45%.

Arpit was born and raised in Delhi. He had been aware of Delhi’s bad air quality since he was a child. He desired to take action to reduce air pollution. Arpit was drinking sugarcane juice from a roadside vendor in Delhi one day. Sugarcane crushing devices are typically powered by diesel engines. He noticed the merchant had connected a pipe to the engine exhaust. As the merchant worked, the wall behind him began to darken. He noticed that Delhi’s air quality was deteriorating by the day.

Arpit concluded that something had to be done to make things better.  He discovered that diesel vehicles and machinery are responsible for 90 percent of all black carbon emissions in the world. Furthermore, the majority of air pollution-related mortality occur in lower-middle and middle-income African and Asian countries. Even in India, such deaths and diseases are on the rise as a result of air pollution.

Arpit Dhupar is a co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Chakr Innovation.  The organisation has developed a machine that absorbs and reuses carbon emissions. In Hindi, chakr means “cycle.” The organisation was founded with the goal of completing the carbon cycle so that it did not end up in the environment.

The device produced is known as the ‘Chakr Shield,’ and it is a revolutionary solvent-based technology. It attaches to the diesel exhaust, cools the soot particles, and then collects them. Simultaneously, the gas flows through a sequence of solutions and meshes. Soot is collected in a collection bin at the bottom of the exhaust. The meshes are also automatically cleaned. The captured carbon is converted into non-toxic ink pigment of the same quality as that used in the printing industry. Particulate matter and soot gathered can be utilised to print and paint walls.

Chakr Shield  complies with European safety regulations. According to the organization’s calculations, the machine has captured 500 kg of particulate particles.  It is enough to keep around 6,00,000 people from breathing polluted air each year. The device will now be installed in chimneys used by small-scale companies. Arpit Dhupar’s work has earned him numerous prizes and accolades. He has also received the Young Champions of the Earth Award for Asia and the Pacific.


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