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Asia Cup 2023 to be canceled as Pakistan remains stubborn; BCCI makes solid plan

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For about 7 months, there has been debate about where the Asia Cup 2023 will be played. Actually, Pakistan is supposed to host this event. However, there is a political impasse between India and Pakistan as a result of the Mumbai assault. In light of this, BCCI Secretary Jai Shah declined to go Pakistan for this competition during the T20 World Cup 2022, which takes place in October. After then, the conflict began.

Rameez Raja, the then-PBC chairman, had vowed not to attend this year’s ODI World Cup in India. Najam Sethi is now serving as the interim chairman. Even after his arrival, this conflict had not been settled. There is discussion that the Asia Cup 2023 might be canceled, according to recent reports.

Cricket Pakistan, a Pakistani website, has provided detailed information about topic. According to this website’s assessment, Pakistan is steadfast in its intransigence. Following that, the tournament may be canceled. Not only that, but the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) has agreed to hold a multi-nation competition amongst five nations, according to the report.

Not only that, but the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) has resolved to hold a multi-nation event involving five nations during that time frame if the Asia Cup is canceled. Despite this, Pakistan remains committed to its hybrid model and determination to host the tournament in Pakistan.

Let us remind you that Pakistan recently adopted a hybrid concept in which the Indian team would be required to play their matches at neutral sites. However, BCCI Secretary and ACC Chief Jai Shah is unlikely to agree with this proposal. At the same time, Pakistan is determined about hosting the event in its own backyard.

According to earlier reports, despite implementing the hybrid format, Pakistan has set requirements for the ODI World Cup 2023. According to him, there was an offer to play matches from Pakistan exclusively in certain locations. That is, it is becoming increasingly evident that the hybrid approach may not be functioning. Its main reason could be Pakistan’s preparations for the upcoming World Cup.

The BCCI will hold a special tournament. Currently, in light of this dispute, the cricket boards of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have attempted to persuade Pakistan of their desire to host this tournament. This competition was held in the UAE last year, and the country has again volunteered to host it this year.

However, the issue is not being resolved. Fans’ dreams for the Asia Cup may be dashed as a result of Cricket Pakistan’s report. As a result, the Asia Cup 2023 is on the verge of being canceled. Along with this, the BCCI has begun making plans to hold the event during that open timeframe. A multi-nation tournament between five countries is possible under this. However, if this occurs, Pakistan’s World Cup preparations will not only suffer a setback, but it will also suffer losses in terms of international and cricket revenue.

Two weeks ago, ACC chief Jai Shah stated that he was awaiting advice from other participating nations on the issue. He also told the media that we are waiting for clarity on the India-Pakistan match, along with responses from other countries. According to the report’s sources, if Pakistan does not give up its intransigence, this tournament would be scrapped as well. PCB has previously said explicitly that Asia Cup 2023 would not be held in any other country.

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