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ATS sued by tech repair customers in New Mexico

Alamogordo Technology Solutions (ATS), a tech repair company in Alamogordo, New Mexico, has come under fire from several local customers who allege poor service, lack of communication, and difficulty obtaining refunds. These claims have resulted in a revoked accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a pending lawsuit.

Customers Allege Unresolved Issues:

  • Gloria Bies: Paid nearly $1,500 for a laptop repair in September 2023 but never received the device back in working condition. Her grandson, Michael, intervened and retrieved the laptop after nearly a year, with no repairs completed.
  • Silvia Moore: Purchased a new laptop in July 2023 but received a used HP instead. After a civil complaint, she received no resolution and dropped the case.
  • Julian Scott: Paid $220 for a laptop battery replacement in 2021 but received no receipt and experienced delays. Ultimately, he received an aftermarket part instead of the promised one.
  • Isaac Kincaid: Left his computer for repairs in June 2022 and received no updates for over a year. He was eventually given back his computer without a refund and missing parts. His lawsuit against ATS is ongoing.

BBB Revokes Accreditation:

The BBB revoked ATS’s accreditation due to their failure to:

  • Respond professionally to complaints.
  • Address all customer concerns.
  • Provide evidence to support their position.
  • Explain why requested relief cannot be granted.

The BBB website currently gives ATS an “F” rating and lists seven complaints filed in the last seven months.

Alamogordo City and State Filings:

  • While not registered with the City of Alamogordo, ATS is listed as a domestic limited liability company in good standing with the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office.

Peña Addresses Concerns:

David Peña, owner of ATS, refutes some claims and explains their perspective:

  • Customer Discrepancies: Peña acknowledges disagreements with past customers but believes some misunderstand the complexities of device repair, leading to extended repair times.
  • Refund Policy: ATS previously had a no-refund policy, which has been revised to offer refunds on a case-by-case basis.
  • Delays: Peña cites delays from third-party vendors and shipping issues as reasons for extended wait times. He claims they offer alternative devices to customers waiting for repairs whenever possible.

While Peña emphasizes his commitment to resolving customer concerns, several cases remain unresolved, including Kincaid’s ongoing lawsuit. The BBB revocation and numerous customer complaints raise concerns about ATS’s business practices. Customers seeking electronic repair services in Alamogordo should carefully research their options and consider alternative businesses before choosing Alamogordo Technology Solutions.


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