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Rs.1 lac becomes Rs.1.61 cr with this multibagger stock

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Every person in India wants to become a crorepati if not a millionaire. Find out how an investor in Hyderabad-based Avanti Foods can become a crorepati in 10 years.

The share of the stock of a Hyderabad-based business is among the multibagger shares that have brought a massive return to those who invest in it and keep holding the counter for as long as they could.

The share of Avanti Foods has delivered the massive return, although the stock price of the electric service firm remained on the downside for a couple of trade sessions. This was aligned with the market sentiment.

Almost every Indian wants his assets to be worth at least Rs. 10 million or Rs.1 crore. One of the best ways to fulfill such a dream is to invest in a company like Avanti Foods.

It is surprising that those who purchased the stock of Avanti Foods in a decade have received many times more returns.

This multibagger share soared from Rs 3.40 per share levels (its close price at NSE on August, 26, 2011) to Rs 548 per share mark on August 21, 2021, surging ove 161 times in 10 years.

If an investor had put Rs. 1 lakh in this share in FY22, it would now be worth 1.32 lakh. And if an investor had put Rs. 1 lakh in this share five years ago and was still invested in it, that amount would have grown to Rs. 3.06 lakh now. But, if the same person  had put Rs. 1 lakh in this share a decade ago and was still invested in it throughout that time, that amount would have grown to Rs. 1.61 crore.

According to a news release on 21 Aug 2021, Avanti Foods’ share price fell roughly 3.50 percent in the most recent trading session, while it fell nearly 7% in the previous five sessions.

In reality, the multibagger share has been experiencing profit-booking over the last month, with a drop of roughly 11.61 percent.

But, in FY 2021-22, Avanti Foods’ stock price increased from 414.45 (on March 31, 2021) to 548 presently, representing a 32% increase in FY22.

This share has provided a multibagger return of about 206 percent during the last five years.But, in the past 10 years, the share has risen from Rs. 3.40 per share to Rs. 548, representing a more than 16,000% increase in 10 years.

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