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Avoid these career mistakes if you are in your 20s

Five common mistakes to avoid in your 20s. Check it out.

Have you ever heard it said that your twenties are “The Defining Decade” of your life? They weren’t kidding, believe me.

You are a student one day and an employed the next. This change makes us more likely to make errors that we will have to deal with for the rest of our lives.

The following are five incredibly common blunders that you MUST AVOID in your twenties:

Unbalanced Career and Life Prospects

There are two categories of young employees: those who are entirely immersed in their work to the point of burnout, and those who are just concerned with getting the job and not with the future progress.

You may speed your professional progress if you live your life with a well-balanced career life attitude, concentrating on both career and life.

Passing Up Chances

Many young employees view securing a well-paying job as their ultimate objective, and as a result, they miss out on possibilities for progress.

Make the most of the learning opportunities that come your way, whether they come from within or outside of your employment. To advance your profession, be prepared to learn new tools and take on new tasks.

No networking

LinkedIn is the finest site to network professionally. Make the most of our networking platform by connecting with people both inside and outside your organisation.

The greatest error you can do is to limit yourself to people in your department or people in similar positions to you in other organisations. This will teach you a lot.

Looking for the Wrong Mentor

When you talk to people in senior positions at work, you will find that the majority of them would agree that a mentor who helped them tremendously in their early years at work hastened their professional achievement.

Your professional development is likely to suffer if you do not carefully select your mentor. Choose someone who is experienced, empathetic to your circumstances, and knows what you want from your work.

Officially not communicating

Many young employees make the mistake of relying solely on verbal communication for critical duties. Be careful to email everything since this will guarantee that all of the work that you are assigned is documented. When someone complains about you not finishing a task or blames something on you, you might refer to your mailbox.

Remember that your twenties will define the remainder of your life and career. All of your blunders and lessons learned during this period will be with you forever.

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