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Award-Winning Devidayal Solar Fridge Consumes 75% Fewer Power to help small Biz earn Profits

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Sufiya Bano and Khalil Ahmed are proud entrepreneurs of Muskaan Bakers and Dairy in Rudauli town, Faizabad district, Uttar Pradesh. Their commercial fridge utilized to generate an electric power of Rs 2,000-2,200 every month. Throughout the summer months, when the town would suffer unexpected power cuts, it might end in spoilage of their dairy and bakery products.

However, in October 2020 they put in a solar-run dairy cooler having a storage of 150 litres manufactured by Mumbai-dependent venture Devidayal Solar Solutions. Following this intervention, their electric power bill came all the way down to Rs 900 per month, although their month to month earnings enhanced by around Rs 15,000.

Earlier, they would provide 15-20 litres of milk a day, but with a far more trustworthy cold storage possibility, Sufiya and Khalil now promote as many as 25 litres of milk each day.

“The refrigerator is a huge blessing in places where electricity is so uncertain. Also, the features of the refrigerator like temperature control are so consumer-friendly that any individual can change it just by under-going the manual,” states Khalil, describing the impact of their photo voltaic-driven refrigerator.

Muskaan Bakers and Dairy is a one amid a lot of microentrepreneurs that DD Solar has impacted with their Solar DC fridges with a potential starting from 100 litres to 250 litres. They obtained an 80% subsidy to acquire it because of an organisation connected to DD Solar. Beneficiaries like them are identified by DD Solar’s on ground NGO partners, organisations or their sales team immediately after conducting a baseline survey.

“Our fridge fully operates on photo voltaic energy. It comes in an offer with two or even more photo voltaic panels and storage batteries and also a microcontroller. The amount of panels and batteries change depending upon the requirements with the farmer or micro-entrepreneur. The installation is completed by our in-house staff of engineers. Our fridge cost anywhere amongst Rs 75,000 and Rs 90,000 and so are great for small businesses in the agricultural parts of India, whether it’s for selling fish, dairy products or any retail item,” Tushar Devidayal, CEO & Founder at DD Solar, claims.

Tushar Started Devidayal (DD) Photo voltaic Solutions in 2015 with an overall vision to style and establish good quality, certified off-grid appliances like photo voltaic DC fridges, BLDC fans and coolers. Prior to DD Photo voltaic, Tushar worked in leveraged finance in New York, and most recently was the India country manager for Arysta LifeScience, Japan. The inspiration powering DD Solar is to deal with the necessity for decentralised cold storage solutions in rural and semi urban regions.

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