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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

B2Brain rivals Google Search in helping sales teams create perfect pitches

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Bengaluru-based B2Brain competes with Google Search’s ‘convenience’ factor to help sales teams create perfect pitches. The company helps sales representatives minimise the research time and focus on their customers.

Sridhar Ranganathan, Karthik Mahadevan, and their team put in five pivots, several revisions, and a lot of hard work to bring B2Brain to where it is now. Sridhar and Karthik founded Credibase in 2013 after working together at InMobi to handle top-of-the-funnel stage difficulties in sales teams.

“The Bengaluru-based firm is an account intelligence solution that provides precise insights to sales people to help them sell better to their consumers.”

Credibase went through several incarnations before running out of funds. Most salespeople do not have the time to spend studying potential clients.

This is often true for outbound corporate sales processes and may not be as true for inbound sales or businesses with low-ticket clients. He continues, “This led me to believe that there must be a wiser, better, and easier method to do this.”  Sridhar then chose to collaborate with some of Credibase’s clients.

There were around 18-20 representatives from five to six firms, including Freshworks, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup located in Chennai, and Gitlab, a DevOps platform.

The salespeople would give a list of accounts to Sridhar, who would conduct research on those accounts and report back his summary. In addition, he would fly to Freshworks and spend time with the SaaS company’s SDRs. He would contrast the pain points of Indian SDRs with those of their counterparts in the United States. He’d then give over his notes to the team, who’d work on product revisions.

One of the salespeople Sridhar had been working with told him in late 2019 that a piece of information in one of his Excel summaries had helped him with his prospecting.

The Boston-based salesman learned that the firm he was selling to had been bought, and that decision-making authority had been transferred to the acquiring corporation.

The representative stated that if it hadn’t been given this knowledge, he would have continued to bark up the incorrect tree. Sridhar had his first “aha” moment. When he began receiving similar communications from representatives from several firms, the concept gained traction.

Because the SDRs already utilize a variety of tools, Sridhar’s team decided that adding another to their list would be unnecessary.

Sridhar and his team wanted to create something that would fit into SDRs’ processes. The initial version of B2Brain was released in early 2020 as a plug-in for Outreach, a sales execution platform. In addition, the team created an extension for the sales engagement platform Salesloft.

B2Brain’s extension quickly gained popularity. “In one day, we had amazing comments and a lot of involvement.”

At the time, the software was only offered as a plugin for the Outreach and Salesloft platforms. What began as a trickle has now become a constant flow of clients. Sridhar feels it will only be a matter of time until it becomes a flood.

B2Brain presently has 24 customers, including FourKites, a global supply chain intelligence platform; Auditoria, an AI-driven SaaS automation provider for corporate finance; FarEye, a SaaS-based predictive visibility platform; and Locus, a logistics solutions platform.

B2Brain’s major geographical concentration, North America, accounts for around three-fourths of its consumers, with the remainder situated in India. A screenshot of the B2Brain app

B2Brain’s marketing strategy is still in the works. However, Sridhar claims that the amount of revisions over time has helped them properly identify their target market—at least for the time being. The 12-person team is focusing on vertical SaaS firms that sell to corporations.

Essentially, B2Brain is aimed at large, conventional enterprises aiming to digitally change themselves in fields such as supply chain, logistics, transportation, storage, and retail management.

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