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Top 6 ads that made Diwali 2022 special

Businesses conveyed ideas like driving away darkness from the other people and our lives, through their ads, this past festive season in India. Find out the top 6 ads of Diwali 2022.

The country and the world have spent the last two years fighting one of the worst pandemics in history, which has resulted in changes that no one could have predicted. Celebrations lacked the luster and positivity that they usually do.

However, Diwali 2022 was special, as brands came up with brilliant, thoughtful, and heartfelt messages. All these ads conveyed ideas like celebrating Diwali together and removing darkness from others’ and our own lives.

Here is a list of seven brands that helped make Diwali memorable.

1. Tanishq

Tanishq debuted its Diwali collection, Alekhya, and its advertising campaigns centered on a broad view of “Pehli Diwali.”

While one celebrates her first Diwali after launching her business, another celebrates her first Diwali after joining the air force. The ads are emotional, but they convey the message of hope and optimism that is associated with every “first,” this time being “Diwali.”

2. HP

Along with the message of its initiative to support artisans across the country in 15 cities, the ad conveys a poignant message about how cities don’t seem to have any place for talented artists who are essential to keeping our country’s culture and tradition alive.

The advertisement lays the groundwork for how we can help them by being the light in their darkness and the wings in their dreams.

3. Ghadi washing powder

A straightforward but effective advertisement from the detergent company. A son recognizes the value of his father’s abilities while discovering that experience knows how to keep up with the times.

 4. Coca-Cola

Because of the pandemic, we had to make do with virtual greetings and celebrations. This year, however, has instilled renewed hope and vigor in us, compelling us to put the past two years behind us.

Based on this concept, the beverage giant launched the #MilkeHiManegiDiwali campaign, which encouraged people to meet old and new friends and celebrate Diwali in person this year by encouraging feelings of closeness and warm fellowship.

5. Cadbury

Another company that takes its CSR responsibilities seriously. The brand created an online shop for all those hawkers who, in the process of making our Diwali delightful, end up losing business because they don’t have their own shop and must frequently move places to earn a living during this time of year.

The advertisement beautifully conveys their central concept: “kindness resides in all of us; we just need to find it for others.” The brand encourages us to put aside our differences and celebrate Diwali together.

6. JK Cement

The latest ad from their #AndarSeSundar campaign celebrated the spirit of the festive season, with a couple celebrating their first Diwali post-marriage ensuring that the painter who is beautifying their home arrives in time for his Diwali celebrations back home. This year’s Diwali commercial is one of the most touching and heartwarming.


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