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Beware of Hackers: Know how dangerous is SIM Swapping

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Do you know anything about SIM Swapping ? This is the method of hacking, through which hackers can gain access to your SIM card. In such cases, the OTP of any user starts coming to the scammers. Taking advantage of this, scammers commit fraud. Let us know how dangerous is SIM Swapping.

Scammers use various tricks to trap people, but in banking fraud they need OTP. Now how will they get this OTP? The story of the entire scam depends on this. What if your OTP reaches scammers instead of your number? There is also a way of scam like this.

This type of scam is called SIM Swapping. In this type of fraud, scammers gain access to the users’ SIM. Then the whole game of cheating starts. Now the question is that someone can hack the phone, but what is the way to get control of the SIM. Let’s know its details.

In this whole case, scammers take advantage of the weak two-factor authentication and verification system. To execute the scam, fraudsters first collect personal details of a user. Then get control of his sim card. Before this you have to understand how this scam happens?

What is SIM Swapping?

In the whole fraud, scammers gain control of a user’s SIM. After this, your OTP and other messages and calls will start coming to them. To gain control of the SIM, users first adopt the method of social engineering and collect all the details of a user.

After having sufficient information about the user, the scammers contact the telecom operator. Scammers tell that their SIM card is lost or damaged and they want the same number. With the help of the required information, the scammers get hold of a new SIM card and start the whole game over.

How can you survive?

You should be careful about your personal details. With this, how many SIM cards are there in your name and other information will not be in the hands of anyone else. Do not click on any kind of phishing link.

Do not share your details with unknown people. Avoid clicking on any suspicious link. If you feel that you have been a victim of SIM swapping, inform the bank and telecom operator immediately.

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