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Bharat Honey – An Honest Brand Offering Natural Honey in Raw form

In modern times, we need to focus more on our health. Therefore, we should include honey in our daily diet as it is healthy and free from sugar’s harmful features. 

Though many brands in the market promise unadulterated honey, the truth is that most of the brands sell either heavily processed or Adulterated honey.

However, few brands like Bharat Honey sell pure and organic honey. Bharat Honey has been serving Natural honey for three decades now.

They offer pure, organic honey, which is neither heated nor ultra-filtered. 

Their confidence in their products is quite evident because they offer a reward of Rs. 10,000 for anyone who proves adulteration in Bharat honey.

Bharat Honey offers different natural varieties of honey. Here they are:

1. Multiflora Honey: As the name suggests, the nectar of this variety of honey comes from multiple flowers like Bansa flowers, Starflowers, Eucalyptus, Furly flowers, Curry leaves etc., which are found in the deep forest areas. 

This thick amber-coloured honey has an exotic aroma, and its sweetness ranges from mild to rich.

Multiflora honey is Agmark grade ‘A’ honey, 100% pure and raw, and it can also be used for medicinal purposes. 

2. Kashmir Small Bee Honey: It is procured from pollution-free Kashmir valley. Its taste is sweeter than any other type of honey, and its nectar source is the acacia flower. The aroma of this AGMARK certified light golden coloured honey is unique and exotic.

3. Jamun Honey: The name of the honey makes it pretty clear that the nectar source of this honey is the Jamun flower. It is less sweet and dark-coloured honey and rich in healthy bee pollen.

You can discover its rawness with its natural aroma, and it is beneficial for medicinal purposes too.

4. Sidr Honey: It is procured from areas rich in wild Jujube plantations, and its nectar source is the jujube flower. 

It is unique from any other honey you can buy in the market.  

This dark amber-coloured honey offers a natural fruity taste and has a thick consistency. 

Sidr honey doesn’t have an expiry date. It is also AGMARK ‘A’ certified honey, ideal for medical purposes.

5. Litchi Honey: It is procured from litchi plantations where litchi flowers bloom in plenty, offering a great nectar source for honey bees. 

The taste of this AGMARK ‘A’ certified honey is pretty sweet with a slight litchi taste. Similar to the other pure honey, it doesn’t have an expiry date either.

No external element is added in this light gold coloured honey which has a strong aroma of litchi fruit. It is 100% pure Litchi flower honey.

Its consistency is thick and creamy and used for medical purposes.

Bharat Honey sells honey in both pet bottles and glass jars. So, customers can choose them according to their convenience.

Here are some ways honey makes a positive impact in our lives:

1. Honey reduces the risk of heart problems: 

Honey decreases the chances of heart problems effectively in the case of type 2 diabetes patients. Honey increases good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol, triglycerides and inflammation. 

However, make sure to use honey that is free from adulteration, just like Bharat Honey. Otherwise, there may be an increase in the levels of blood sugar, causing heart ailments.

2. Lowers blood pressure: 

The antioxidant compounds in the honey lower blood pressure and save you from heart diseases, but only pure and organic raw honey can serve this purpose.

3. Helps in dealing with cough problems among kids: 

Honey has been found more effective than some medications in dealing with cough problems among kids. However, make sure to use pure honey like Bharat Honey to cure cough. 

Caution: Avoid giving honey to one or below one year infants because it may cause botulism (A disease caused by Clostridium botulinum) in rare conditions.

Website: www.bharathoney.com


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