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Bharat Kesari women’s wrestler Rounak Gulia launches her supplement brand: Rapid Nutrition

Indian female athletes are shining at par with their male counterparts by breaking many age-old myths. Successfully crossing all hurdles like marriage or motherhood, these Women sportspeople are role models. One such name that has set a precedent for young women is National level medal winner-Bharat Kesari women wrestler Rounak Gulia. The six-time state champion, and three-time national medallist, has been a trailblazer in many ways. Rounak Gulia also took part in Wrestling Olympic trials from India.

Rounak Gulia, who hails from Gurgaon district, Haryana, lost her parents when she was only 13. While she was in college, she got married to Ankit Gulia in 2016. During her college years her sports teacher Seema spotted her talent and encouraged her to pursue wrestling from Chandgiram akhara, which was a km away from her institute. Rounak was fortunate enough to get ample motivation and support from her husband and in-laws to train herself in 2017. She worked vigorously to become a professional wrestler. In 2018 Rounak went on to win the Bharat Kesari title and later won two bronze and one silver medal in the National Wrestling Tournament for three straight years. Recently Rounak showed her skills in a reality show- India’s Ultimate Warrior, with Akshay Kumar and Vidyut Jamwal. The show was on aired on Discovery Channel & discovery plus app under Base production. From the first episode, viewers were thrilled to see her overshadowing male participants in many tasks and then awarded the star warrior title. She was running favourite to win the show, but unluckily, she was forced to withdraw from the finals due to some serious knee injuries.

Rounak Gulia added another feather in her cap when she reinvented herself as a businesswoman. The sportswoman launched a supplement brand by the name-Rapid Nutrition.

Rapid Nutrition offers a variety of products catering to the varying needs of bodybuilders, athletes, and film stars. The brand has Supplements like protein powder, BCAA, creatine, multivitamins, mass gainers, etc. These specially designed products provide a quick source of nutrients and boost muscle strength. The supplements get absorbed faster for immediate and better results. The reason why this brand has captured the market in a short span. All products from rapid Nutrition are duly tested, certified and accredited by health agencies.

Many famous personalities from all different sports & entertainment segments endorse Rapid Nutrition supplements. South Indian Actor Sourav Chakravarti and Mr Deepak Sharma Jailor-Tihar Jail, who happens to be a bodybuilder, are some of the famous brand ambassadors of Rapid Nutrition products. Moreover, Rounak Gulia and her brand always assist & support talented athletes. They sponsor these products to deserving candidates who on the other hand can’t afford such nutritious supplements to enhance their performance due to financial constraint.

As a director of Rapid Nutrition, Rounak states, “In India most of the sport aspirants are devoid of good Nutrition. Even I faced the problem when I was training myself. My primary motive to build this supplement brand is to provide superior Nutrition to all and improve overall health and wellness of athletes.”

Whether on the field of play or off of it, Rounak has proved that she is a perfect blend of physical and mental strength. Further, Rounak Gulia has always been vocal about women’s empowerment. Whether it’s giving a message from the podium, field or reality show, the female wrestler motivates young women to believe in hard work and instates a feeling of never giving up on their passion at any cost. Apart from the above roles, the Indian wrestler is a famous social media sports influencer. Her fitness and motivational videos are popular among millions. Despite facing multiple injuries now and then, Rounak recovers and returns to the field with her sheer willpower every time. From her husband to her coach to all her well-wishers, everybody is confident that Rounak will make the country proud by winning gold in the forthcoming sporting events in 2023; Asian Games and Olympic Games2024 Paris.


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