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Bhavini Parikh built startup that turns textile waste into fashion products

A Mumbai-based sustainable design firm molds and recreates fresh styled clothing and other things for daily use from pre-used textile material. Bhavini Parikh established the company, called Bunko Junko.

Bunko Junko, a Mumbai-based sustainable fashion firm, molds and recreates new designed garments and other things for daily use, enhancing the visual attractiveness of the house and lifestyle.

Founded and headed by Bhavini Parikh, a strong woman who is setting the path for other women and is a real leader in every aspect with her ideas, objectives, and accomplishments. Every new way of creation attracts a lot of attention, therefore Bunko Junko is garnering a lot of support from the public.

Bunko Junko offers a tiny portion to the ground they stand on and help with the mission’s launch. They work for the empowerment and upliftment of women. Basic sewing and tailoring skills are required for the work, and the company is assisting rural women in learning them. They advise and assist them in their daily lives.

Bunko Junko’s purpose to produce from discarded and recycled materials is geared at environmental preservation and sustainability.

What distinguishes upcycling from recycling?

Upcycling repurposes waste material to generate a new product with a much better value than before. Recycling, on the other hand, repurposes waste material to generate a lower-value product.

Bunko Junko makes things like as home furnishings, clothing, accessories, office stationery, masks, purses, and toys out of textile waste that are more valuable than the original textile. It is a B2C and BCB business model created in 2018 and funded by Indian Oil, Bharat Furnishings, Vivah Borders, Novo Nordisk, Mahalaxmi, Ethnicity, and Nylangan for a total of $96.0k.

Bunko Junko adheres to a zero-waste policy, ensuring that no textile component is discarded. The trendy artist pieces are built and designed by the firm utilizing industrial waste and sustainable materials.

Each of their products is unique. The items are designed with the mentality of clothing for everybody and comfortability in mind.

The scarps are separated depending on color and fabric, and the label then offers wears that match but differ in style and story. Bunko Junko began as a community of 1500 women struggling to make a living. However, the epidemic has caused a rapid drop in the population since several women returned to their hometowns for various reasons.

They form the outfits by gathering suggestions from freelance designers, and so a piece is prepared, a stunning, elegant, and original item.

Bunko Junko earned a 7 lac grant from Visa in a program in collaboration with IFundWomen through My Chapter One and MoWo Social Initiative. Visa received several applications from organizations in the fashion, healthcare, and food and beverage industries. The winners were determined by a jury vote.

Bunko Junko is led by Bhavini Parikh, a strong woman who is dedicated to providing platforms for other women. With rising consumption, the company is supporting the concept of upcycling as a foundation for future production. They are launching incredible initiatives like the Darwin Installation and the Kala Ghoda Festival.


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