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“Biggest cleanup activity in Seven sisters, Northeast India starting from Manipur by Let’s Do It India”- Prof. Pankaj Choudhary(Founder)

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“Biggest cleanup activity in Seven sisters, Northeast India starting from Manipur, on World Cleanup Day 2022 by Let’s Do It India”- Prof. Pankaj Choudhary (Founding Board Member of WCD and founder of Let’s Do It India)

State leaders like Madovei of Nagaland, Dibtanshu Roy, Delson Notiyal, Saveio, Sunny Shimrah are some of the most renowned and hardworking members of Let’s Do It India. They through their perseverance and hard work they have a permanent and deep mark on Let’s Do It India’s pathway.  Two of them also have been on a fellowship to Estonia, Europe and joining hands with these extraordinary people all the seven sisters are part of World Cleanup Day 2022. Their goal is that at least 2% of each state takes part in the cleaning movement organized on World Cleanup Day. Northeastern states of India have also been an excellent representative of Let’s Do It India as they have always been on the top of hierarchy on their own taxonomy.

Let’s do it India is a movement that encourages people all across India. The organization works in the fields of education, environment and human resource development. Let’s Do It India foundation was founded in 2009 by Prof. Pankaj Choudhary aiming to clean India. He is also a founding board member of World Cleanup Day endorsed by the United Nations environment program and the European Union. 

World Cleanup Day is the flagship programme of Let’s Do It India, a global movement that unites millions of volunteers, governments and organizations across 191 countries to tackle the global waste problem and build a sustainable world. World Cleanup Day includes litter cleanup and waste mapping activities spanning every time zone. Environmental cleanup events are held for the last ten years throughout the nation in coordination with volunteers at the ground level. 

Let’s Do It India has its presence in 29 Indian states including all Union Territories with over 1.6 million volunteers and has collected over 44,000 tons of waste only in 2019. In 2022, Let’s do it India has engaged 30 Lakh volunteers on the ground from Kashmir to Kanyakumari doing the cleanup activities at more than 1100 places across the country, where founder Prof. Pankaj Choudhary starting this year a mega version of World Cleanup Day from Kashmir doing cleanup with 1500+ volunteer in partnership with Jammu and Kashmir Eco Watch and Go Green Srinagar organization.

Let’s Do It India aims to raise awareness of the many types of garbage. In 2020 the organization launched a campaign ‘Pickup Cigarette Butts!’ and Digital Cleanup activity, the effort to make it the biggest Digital Clean-Up drive and create opportunities during the crisis by reducing the CO2 emissions generated by digital footprint during the corona pandemic time when people couldn’t come out of their homes on World Cleanup Day. It encourages people to gather and send their used cigarette filters to the group for recycling. On World Cleanup Day, Let’s Do It India engages people from a wide range of backgrounds to raise awareness about the environmental concerns being faced by contemporary society, as well as the hygiene-related problems arising out of it. This year Let’s Do It India has collaborated with the Ministry of Jal Shakti, Environment & Earth Science, the Government of India and International organizations such as the United Nations and European Union, and the Earth Day Network. The organization has also partnered with more than 100 corporates such as HCL, Alliance Partners, Hinduja etc and more than 1000 NGOs working for cleanup activities including major educational institutes.

In 2020, National Green Tribunal (India) instructed Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to develop rules for the disposal of bidi residues and cigarette butts. In the same year, Let’s Do It India started a campaign of collecting cigarette butts and bidi residues under the guidelines of the Central Pollution Control Board. This movement is supported by international organizations like UN-Habitat, United Nations Environment Programme and Earth Day Network. The organization collects tons of garbage on World Cleanup Day each year.

“Being clean and green is not only vital for our health and that of our waterways, flora and fauna, our climate future and the wellbeing of generations to come. Today, on the occasion of World Cleanliness Day, I want to tell that on behalf of India walking in the path of Vishwa Guru, I make the whole world and the people feel the duty to be involved in the virtuous deeds of cleanliness and cleanliness. Having a good idea of cleanliness and hygiene can be the product of a healthy mind. Only a healthy mind and individuality can resolve the cleanliness and cleanliness of society, country and world.” said Prof. Pankaj Choudhary, founder board member of World Cleanup Day & founder of Let’s Do It India.

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