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Bill Gates excited about Reliance’s partnership, environment initiative to address global issues

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Bill Gates is excited about Reliance’s partnership with his foundation and environment initiative Breakthrough Energy to address global issues. Gates commended India’s scientific and technical prowess and humanitarianism.

At Reliance’s 46th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates expressed his excitement about working with his foundation and Breakthrough Energy to address some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Bill Gates said, “India eradicated polio despite resource restrictions, during Reliance Industries AGM. Infant mortality, HIV, and poverty have decreased. Access to sanitation and banking services has grown. India’s scientific and technical capability and commitment to helping the needy amaze me.

Bill Gates said, “I am pleased that Reliance is working with our foundation and my climate group, Breakthrough Energy, on some of the world’s biggest issues — tackling climate change, unleashing women’s economic potential, and improving health outcomes for the underprivileged.”
Bill Gates thinks India slows global warming.

Bill Gates says India is making significant climate change progress.

“I am optimistic that Breakthrough Energy and Reliance will do even more to spark innovation and help bring scalable solutions that work for India and the world,” he added.

“Nita Ambani mentioned our women’s economic development alliance. To assist one million women reach their potential, we will work together in self-help groups over three years.
Gates believed would encourage drug and point-of-care diagnostic research.

India has always supplied low-cost, high-quality medicines and vaccines. Through the foundation’s relationship with Reliance, we intend to scale up drug and diagnostic research. Bill Gates said we’ll keep working together to help local governments fight infectious illnesses.

The Gates Foundation and Breakthrough Energy were excited about their Reliance relationship. No challenge is too huge for Indian and global creatives. Together, we can continue to address some of the world’s toughest concerns, and I look forward to helping more people live healthy, fulfilled lives.

In his Independence Day speech, Prime Minister Modi envisioned 20 million women in self-help groups earning more. Our partnership can help achieve that, said Bill Gates.


Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was excited by Reliance’s partnership with his charity and environment initiative Breakthrough Energy to address global issues. He complimented India’s polio eradication, infant mortality, HIV, poverty reduction, sanitation, and financial services accessibility. Gates commended India’s scientific and technical prowess and humanitarianism. The cooperation promotes women’s economic growth and develops drugs and point-of-care diagnostics. The Gates Foundation and Breakthrough Energy are enthusiastic about their cooperation to fight global crises and improve people’s lives.

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