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BJP leader Bawankule issues big statement after Sharad Pawar resigns from NCP

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BJP leader Chandrashekhar Bawankule has issued big statement after Sharad Pawar, the president of the NCP, resigned from his position. Instability has been brought on by Sharad Pawar’s abrupt exit from the party. In the political sphere, there is concern that the party may split over the position of president. In a press conference, BJP leader Chandrashekhar Bawankule made a significant statement regarding Sharad Pawar’s resignation.

Chandrashekhar Bawankule, the state president of the BJP, made a significant speech in this circumstance. According to Bawankule, if a partygoer shows up to our office, we’ll join him. No NCP leader has approached us in this manner thus far.

Nobody emailed NCP, Bawankule stated in response to a query on the NCP’s instability and potential party joining, “Sharad Pawar has declared a shift in leadership. He has numerous followers. He connects emotionally with people. Those who hear this feel awful. But nobody from NCP got in touch with us. Nobody approached us. The possibility of anyone joining the party was not brought up. We didn’t even reach out to NCP leaders.

The statement “Our doors are open” was made by Bawankule. “Whatever Sharad Pawar has accomplished, his effort has forged an emotional connection with the populace.

They believe Sharad Pawar ought to lead the party because of this. He has outlined his party’s position. Finally, our doors are open if anyone comes to us to enter the party. We never turn anyone away. We represent the national party as officers. We will welcome anyone who wishes to join our celebration if they so want. does not prevent you from participating.

Bawankule said, “We don’t want to take advantage of anyone’s instability. We’d rather not even look at them. They are required to decide for themselves. However, if someone shows up at the BJP office and wants to join the party, we will do the same. We will follow him because he shares our philosophy.”

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