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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Karthick G, a Tamil Nadu native and MBA graduate, founded Pikbig, a “boutique on wheels” that provides the pleasure of shopping for garments directly to the customer’s house.

Because of the epidemic, internet shopping has become everyone’s best friend. Everything is available with a single click, whether it’s a single pen, a sudden yearning for your favourite sweet, a single shopping item, or a clothing.

Yet, when it comes to internet buying, two issues are common: fit and quality.

Wouldn’t it be a dream to have the best of both worlds — the convenience of online shopping combined with the pleasure of visiting a real store? This is a new reality for Chennai residents due to Pikbig, a “store on wheels” that provides a range of stylish options to one’s door.

The fashion boutique caters to ladies and offers both Indian and Western clothes, such as kurtis, t-shirts, sarees, gowns, and dresses. Karthick G, the creator, decided to explore a new route after owning a successful brick and mortar business in Chennai and a website. In order to create “a Swiggy-like platform for fashion,” the 32-year-old conceived of a mobile store.

This mobile boutique opened its doors in Chennai in October of this year. The bus is 100 square feet in size and can hold 300 sarees or gowns at a time (150 of which can be displayed). There is also a trial room.

That’s when the entrepreneur had the idea to create a well-organized platform for individuals to purchase garments.

But life had other intentions. Karthick had to travel to Nagercoil in 2018 to oversee his family’s nursery garden company.

Initially, he believed he could “provide unique collections” with this notion, but the response caused him to reconsider. The bus now sells garments beginning at Rs 500.

Consumers are pleased with the concept as well. Nevertheless, Karthick says his goal is to create a pleasant shopping experience in addition to high-quality items. The clothing is supplied from all around the country, including Surat, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Tiruppur, and Ludhiana.

He aims to expand and duplicate this business model across the country.

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