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Can you guess how many biryanis and haleem dishes were ordered on Swiggy in Hyderabad? Check It Out!

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During Ramadan, customers in Hyderabad bought a staggering 400,000 platters of haleem and 1 million biryanis through the popular food delivery service Swiggy.

The Swiggy Ramadanorder analysis report that was published on Friday shows the city’s Ramzan cuisine patterns. Traditional favourites like chicken biryani, haleem, and samosas continue to be the most popular meals throughout Ramadan, according to the order data.

Hyderabad, which has long been known as the nation’s biryani capital, ordered a staggering 1 million biryanis through Swiggy during Ramadan. This is 20% more than during the same time previous year.

Over 400,000 people ordered haleem, a Ramadan-only specialty meal, in any of its nine variations, including palamuru pottel, chicken, Persian Special haleem, and dry fruit haleem. The city preferred the mutton Haleem variation.

Orders for holiday specialities including Malpua, Firni, and Rabdi increased by 20%. Bhajiyas and Samosas were popular iftar foods because they were hot and crispy. Samosas, bhajia, and dishes prepared with dates were the most well-liked iftar foods. The number of orders for bhajiyas increased by a staggering 77%.

The conclusions were reached after examining orders being placed on Swiggy between March 23 and April 18. Hyderabad residents began to appreciate eateries like Paradise Biryani, Pista House Haleem, and Mehfil during iftar. To commemorate the celebrations of Ramadan, Swiggy has also begun a ground-breaking OOH campaign by means of having an LED billboard.

The billboards featuring a haleem handi on a burner have been erected in Hyderabad’s Secunderabad and Tolichowki neighbourhoods. For the swift delivery of iftar needs, such as dates and other dry fruits to break their fasts, customers went to Instamart.

This Ramadan, close to 500,000 orders for dates and dried fruits were placed, a considerable rise in the number of orders for dates alone.

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